How to help my friend get started

Hey all,

Apologies if this has been covered already but I can’t seem to find specific info. Back in the day I played a ton of forza 1,2, and 3, but kids and so forth I don’t have the time I used to. Want to get back into it with 6. I know I can set settings pretty arcadey and breeze through the game to unlock all the cars. My question is my friend has absolutely zero time to play on his own but we’ve been missing a game like project gotham. We got forza 3 and I just tuned and gifted him a bunch of cars so we could race.

Is there some type of mechanic I could do that in this game? I know you can’t gift cars (dumb for just the issue i’m describing), but can I somehow sell him cars like crazy cheap so we can race together?

Thanks for any responses or directing me to any links with the info

a thought - why doesn’t forza implement a garage sharing mechanic? Maybe allow you to share your garage with up to 10 people. Rule being if your friend is driving a car then it’s out of your garage and nobody else can use it. This will protect those that have earned some of the rarer cars in the game from seeing them spamed all the time, but also would let friends who just want to hop on and race in a lobby with you have a car to use.

Oh I guess never mind. Found out you can’t do user created lobbies. What?!? On to assetto coursa, project cars, or project cars 2. 9 years a forza fan. Guess there was a reason I’ve been gone so long. Can’t use a game to play with friends the way I want… oh the glorious memories of forza 1, 2, and 3, the thousands of hours I poured into the games.

Mods, delete or lock I guess. Not trying to slag the game, but to say I’m disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe it. I was all set to buy forza today.

Ok. I guess I’m daft. Now I see in the forums that you can create a private lobby for online racing? Please tell me this is correct, because if so I’m back on the forza train. Assuming I can somehow get some cars shipped to my buddy.

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You can rent any cars except dlc you don’t have. You can’t tune the rental cars but you can use them in a race. Your friend can also sign up for Forza rewards and get extra credits monthly and earning credits is not that hard so any cars he wants he can earn quickly. There are also prize spins that you can earn a lot of cars and credits from as well as mod card packs for single player use. With the mod cards you can boost xp and credits earned. If you get the right card combo you can boost credits earned 100%.

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You can still set up private lobbies and invite your friends in, which is the best way, that’s all I ever use (that and rivals for practise, which is the old time trial mode).

And yup your friends can rent cars, however they will not earn credit when using a rent car, but if they are not bothered about that then that’s ok, and it’s a good way for people to test cars out before spending credits.

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Don’t you still get credits but no XP in a rental?

Honestly though “the grind” for credits in FM6 is nothing compared to FM4 and you don’t have to start in sub compacts to do it either. Just get him to setup 10+ laps on the new tracks and kill 2 birds by learning a track and getting paid. You can build up fat stacks pretty easily.

Umm, ya got me thinking now about the credits … not sure :\

But yeah earning credits in FM6 does not take long at all, I know I’ve been playing it loads since launch, but I have over 280 million credits and over 250 spins not spun, so yeah wish I was that rich in real life!


Thanks for the info. This sounds great! Are the rental fees super cheap? I’m assuming you use in game currency for the rentals? If we raced online in a private lobby, say 10 laps like you suggested will we earn credits for the race or does it have to be a public lobby to earn credits?

Thanks again for the info. Already got a wheel and probably going to buy another. I have the spider 458 which is pretty solid for 99 dollars but no force feedback. Looking to get the tx thrusmaster for the xbox one since I have project cars, going to get assetto corsa, and looks like I’ll be picking up forza 6 to now. Might give my buddy my old spider 458 wheel when I get my new one.

Rentals are free like Richard said but the drawback is you cant tune or customize paint. Any lobby gets credits and spins when you level up. They literally shove them at you along with mod packs. I play a lot and literally quit looking at my bank after the first week. I also have scads of Mods that I dont use because certain ones dirty your laps and they don’t affect your online play so I dont want to get used to using enhanced braking or suspension and then not have it later and wonder why the car doesn’t perform online like it does in Free play. There are Mods for XP and Credits but after a point its redundant because you should have all the credits you ever need anyway.

Rentals are free, so not like Dirt Rally where you have to spend 1000cr

Err MODS, I hope that is something FM7 drops!!!

Awful add on feature, I mean that’s what tuning is for.

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I just let them pile up and ignore them. I was going to sell them to clear it out but going through the steps wasn’t worth the credits. I still like getting a spin because I’m a bit of a gambler and landing a Million is fun but I still kind of feel robbed when I get a mod pack. I figure next time I do an endurance showcase I may use an XP mod just for the big jolt.

The green mods are excellent for boosting XP, Affinity and Driver Level.
The purple mods are fun single player challenges that can net you extra xp, credits, affinity and driver level.

I normally use the blue mods when doing a challenge (purple) mod.

I never use the mods until I have already won a race in career mode, and set a respectable time (usually top 1%) because then it’s just about a more challenging race, with higher stakes.

Mods are not all bad in my opinion, as long as you understand them.

As for the OP. I think you will find that your friend can thoroughly enjoy the game with you, and farm a lot of credits and build a decent garage in a very short time.



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I used the mods for the achievements, though 2 of them took many pack purchases!

You can sell them real quick, literally just hold one button down and it flies through them :slight_smile:

Using mods to gain credit, handy to begin with I guess when trying to raise cash, but as we all know once you’ve ranked up quite a bit the money just comes rolling in big time, especially when you get to the high roll spins and special spins (every hundred levels, once I won 50million on one spin alone). I’m almost level 1000 so I wonder how special that spin will be? :slight_smile:

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If I ever get poor I’ll remember that tip! When you purchase a pack is it just randoms or can you choose?

Kind of both. There’s rarity levels for the packs which you can choose. The higher the rarity, the more likely you will acquire better mod cards. You cannot choose which mod cards you want, however.

I may have to bust out and buy a rare pack just to have done it. I don’t know if I can spare the credits though as I only have 100 million or so and I might need them for something really important.

No MOD packs after level 1000 and payout moves up to between 5mil. and 10mil. Cr per spin. Bank limit is 999mil. Cr

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Awesome info. Nice to see the community still thriving all these years later. I think I spent 200 hours or so back in Forza 2 just tuning and selling cars. Back when you had to buy every car, buy every part, then add your paint, and then add your tune, and then put on the auction house, while of course advertising your cars on the forums so people would go and buy them.

Played the demo last night, had some good fun, and then just bought the full digital game. Cheaper at target, walmart, etc but worth it to me to not have to change a disc out. Really like the rain effect. Not nearly as difficult as rain in project gotham or project cars. A little slippy and hydroplaning is something that can get you, but overall I didn’t think much different then driving without rain. My buddy is pretty crap at racing games so this will let me drive a car or two classes below him and still have fun. I don’t think he’s ever done a lap that he didn’t hit a wall or go off the course.

no more MOD packs!! yess!! :slight_smile: now there’s an incentive in itself to get to 1000!

If he got 0 time, no point having forza or any other game, those days have long gone with gifting etc, in F3/F4 I made that much cr in AH in one night on my designs, I gave it all to my mates for cars etc as didn’t take me long to get upto 999m.

I painted since F3 I wouldn’t want to know what I’ve spent in paint room I think it be quite shocking.

Think Forza U on offer at the moment £50+

I don’t bother with mods now all I got was rubbish.

I only came into forum when I got all those problems at day one to see for fixes, but for that I would have never have come here, put your cars up in here is a hit and miss, not everyone comes here, I knew/know alot of great painters that don’t come here at all.

I am glad there no gifting in F3/F4 I got messages all day long to see if I would sell my paint unlocked, never did like some I knew as you loose all rights to it once you hand it over, my close friends I gifted all my paint over, so they can make what paint they wanted to use in the AH.