How to get the DLC now?

Ok, so I finally got around to playing Forza Horizon on my Xbox 360. Yeah, late to the party, I know.
I bought the Collector’s Edition. Redeemed the codes without any problem. Bought the Season Pass. Watched an opening sequence. Started playing. Was mesmerized by the world and the sheer pleasure of seeing familiar Forza aesthetics combined with such beautiful and vast landscapes. Won my first couple of races. Got to the Marketplace, thinking “Ah, I’m going to download everything that the Season Pass entitles me to now.” That’s where the trouble started.
The game doesn’t connect to the Marketplace, so I can’t download car packs or anything from within it.
My question is this - how to get the DLC that Season Pass gives access to? And will the servers be fixed?
If not, than it would surely be nice to be able to receive download codes for car packs. Is there any way that it can be done?

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Try to download your DLCs from the XBox Live Store – not ingame. Forza Horizon need to be started again. So I got my Rallye package installed.

Hi you play it in 360 or xbox one?

They wont show up in game cause of server issues right now. Cant access anything online in game. I have noticed the rally dlc shows up in game but that’s all I noticed. Season Pass dlc packs arnt showing up, VIP says we have to pay again for it.

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go to your games and apps tab on the xbox 1 home screen (top right) after you have downloaded the game

click on forza horizon 1 and then scroll down to the ready to install tab. Should be about 20 items up there to download

we still cant download each car pack from the season pass and plus they don’t show up in game cause the servers are currently broken for the time being till they realize this game is half broken for BC.

I don’t have an Xbox One yet, I have a 360. And that’s the whole point - I got the Season Pass but I’m unable to do anything with it. And on the or in the “Extras” tab on the console the DLC is not free. I don’t want to pay for stuff I’m entitled to download for free.

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I bought the dlcs but I cannot find them.

Servers are down, I tried playing online yesterday but had no luck. Can’t access my Forza 4 pics from my account either.

I have the same problem when i download to xbox one after de back compatibility. I download all my dlc to my xbox one but i cant play it in the game.

I have exactly the same issue. I can see the VIP DLC pack cars, and it’s states they are purchased, but there is no way to access them. Tried everywhere in the central hub, but nothing.
What are Microsoft like to contact for refunds. Fancy it will be a nightmare??

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I just brought the season pass and now i feel i just wasted my money,lets hope the servers are up again tomorrow,i want to play the rally expansion

Is there any chance they will allow access to the DLC Cars in the future?


Only the Rally Expansion is accessible by redeeming either the Rally standalone code or the Season Pass code. (as Season Pass includes Rally but the rest of Season pass is gone)

hell i own it and it wont let me play it … says out on the 18th of December

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Are you playing on the 360 or the One? I believe there is a work around if you have access to the Xbox One and have at least downloaded all the content once before it was delisted.