How to get Mustang Mach E 1400 in FH5


I don’t like it.

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I’ll get mine on day 1 of Series 6 when I start and complete the Drift Story. Looking forward to being able to switch between AWD and RWD with the push of a button.

So the drivetrain control is linked to the same button as the horn and I can’t do anything but sit there and let the time run out for the end mission of the Drift Club??? They should know by now NOT to do that OR here’s a better idea…REMOVE ANNA AND FORZA LINK WE DON’T NEED THEM!!! Nobody needs a GPS voice and a troll comment section that’s literally useless. It’s very clear that every time a new car with a separate function gets released we have to buy new controllers or wheels with extra buttons or play on mouse and keyboard and map everything accordingly which is really really really really really really really really stupid if you ask me.

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You can turn off Forza Link and Anna in your settings.

The drivetrain button is not necessarily the horn button. It is the same button that you assign to open or close convertible roofs. You don’t have to buy a new controller to do this. Before you do your story, go into your settings and see what button is assigned to convertible control. It may be that it isn’t assigned on your system.

FH5 has issues worthy of complaint, but the button to do the drivetrain and the availability of Anna and Forza Links aren’t really among them.

I tried that, I spent 20 minutes trying to reroute things and ended up back at square one. Anna and Forza Link ARE off but the control mappings are still required for some stupid reason and I had to switch Anna to down on the dpad and the Forza Link is still mapped but the button doesn’t do anything and I actually use the radio sometimes so I need left and right, and up is mapped to my telemetry as far as I know. I can’t use it at all.

I got it to work, my controller apparently needed some kind of update so now it works


Wasn’t expecting much, and I’m still disappointed with it. Its absolutely horrid to drift.

Have you tried F1Jay04’s AWD/RWD Drift tune?
Easy to drift but you have to find mode you prefer since they act differently.

Mach-e is trash, as expected.

Sucks to drift, isn’t that quick… feels like it grabs when you wanna slide, and slides when you want grip.

The RWD/AWD mode thing is pretty pointless, sure it saves a few seconds - but really, how hard is it to just install a new tune.

Lets ignore all the problems, but add features that are essentially useless…makes sense.