How to get into the correct gear at a race astart?

really enjoying getting to know this game…

I’m using a Fanatec Club Sport V2 base with clubsport pedals, clubsport SQ shifter, and the xbox one universal hub with Forza 6.

My preference while driving is to use manual gear shifting with auto clutch. My preferred view while racing is either the bumper cam or the hood cam.

My issue is I can’t seem to get off to a good start as when the countdown occurs just before the race start I don’t; have enough time to make sure I’m in 1st gear at launch time… The other AI cars rocket past me at the start.I’m still learning how to use the manul shifting with clutch in game at this time but for now I prefer to use auto clutch.

What is the trick to getting off o a good stat in this game when I can’t see revs or the gear I’m in at the start? It seems to pop into any gear at random…sometimes even reverse - which is very embarrassing at a race start!

thanks for any tips or a redirect to a stick or another thread…

When the animation screen is on before the race shift into first. Yes you can’t see the revs but there’s two ways round this. Use interior view or go into test drive, turn all the HUD off and practice your starts by listening to the revs. I drive cockpit view with the TX wheel so I don’t have this problem.

Fanatec informed me that it’s up to the Developer to fix this issue. They said it should be easy enough for Turn10 to fix the issue, but as usual Turn10 doesn’t care! It seems a disadvantage to me that csw v2 owners have to click the gearshift at race start to have the trans go into first gear! What a joke!

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