How to get DLC to work on a second Xbox One

Hi Guys

I don’t suppose anyone has run into this yet and knows the solution, I picked up an Xbox One Titanfall for my son last week (as I knew his gaming needs were going to conflict with my own) and set it up on our main floor (my original is setup in the basement). Last night my wife was using the basement and the kids were in bed so I thought I would just move up and play Forza on the main floor. Everything downloaded and got setup and all my DLC cars show up in my garage but when I try and use any of them it wants me to pay for them again. Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve had similar problems like this before too, try restarting the system and usually that worked for me, if all else it will be accessible in a short period of time, not sure why there is a delay but thats what I’ve found to work so far, hope that helps