How to get CR fast

Hi everyone. I have played this game for 2 weeks now, and I finally bought the McLaren P1 that I really wanted to get. I’d really like to get the Lambo Veneno next, but I have no idea how to get credits fast without having to do the Horizon Finale over and over again just to get 40k credits every so often. I play on the Xbox 360 and I don’t have a Gold Membership, so speedcameras only give 100 CR.

Any tips?

Well me personally XO have just worked my way through the championships, i have about 7 mill and about 100 cars, more even

Here’s some moneymakers:

-turn off as many assists and set the difficulty as high as you can hanlde

-beat up all your friends in rivals mode

-add lots of FH2 players to your friends list so your drivatar gets in plenty of races

-share a paint or two and get your friends to download and use them

-play online with friends, doing long races. I did 50 laps on a really short track last night, took 20-30 minutes and made me about $175k and 150k XP

-hunt bounties (drivatar marked with yellow crosshairs on map), they’re worth $70k or more

Good luck dude!


Join a car club - lots of cr to be had for going up the tiers every week with no extra effort required.

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Unsure how well the game pays on the 360 but I am currently level 345 on the One, got 187 cars in garage, 27 million in the bank and making about 130,000Cr from Rivals per hour.

Other options, as mentioned, are disabling assists as much as possible, play online (roadtrip or just with friends) or just finish the game. Since you seem to have “hidden” your gamertag, I cannot see if you completed the Career already. The career on the One pays roughly 120,000Cr/hour on average difficulty when doing one race after the other.

How do I “unhide” my gamertag? I’ve finished the career mode on FH2, done the final race, got all the rewards boards and bucket lists. So I don’t know what else to do. But thanks to everyone who answered.

Do the story mode, or do head to head races. Good money and XP.

With the 360 and no gold membership the only way to make money is completing races. And leveling up. It is very slow and time consuming.

I haven’t made more than 200cr on rivals not sure why 200 is the only number I have ever seen for completing a rivals event.

Playing online is the only thing I have found to make money quicker. I get about 30k for each king and about 10k for each infected.

The Ferrari 250 gto bucket list race takes less than five and a half minutes and pays around 30 grand. Super easy and a fun car to drive. I always do a couple if I’m close by for some quick credits.

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Find some friends that play FH2, even if you have the 360 version without gold, you still can make some friends. We don’t have gold, but we have a number of friends. Beat your friends time on a speed trap or speed zone and you’ll get 50,000 credits, you don’t need to have Gold for this, Silver works fine. Since there are a lot of speeds traps, even with only 1 or 2 friends you can make millions in no time.

Ninja, I have 360 FH2. I have a gold membership. You can get a 1 month xbox live gold on Bing when you save 699 points. All you have to do is sign up with your facebook and microsoft, and do 15 searches a day and then you can get 15 points a day, about a month and a half later you have a 1 month. Or save up to 300 and get a 3$ redeem code. Once you get the xbox live thing that you want, go online and get lots of friends, and play Infection/King (Playground) games.
Hope you have fun racing!

Not really a way of getting fast CR it all depends on how often you play the game how many races you do and what the reward is of each race you do. I recommend doing championships and online races and just keep challenging drivertars, I’ve only had the game about 3 week I’m already Level 140
On my way to becoming the ladder champion in a car club with a gap of 400,000 XP separating myself from 2nd place.

And completed and won the Horizon Finale…

Simple question, what are some really good, easy, fast ways to earn money in Forza Horizon 2?

The best way to make money is to play the game, championships, rivals, it all adds up quickly

Just play the game. It’s actually too easy to get credits in this game. They hand them out like candy on Halloween.

See my posts in this thread

Well, I play the game a lot already but I am a big car classic fan and want these Aston Martin and Ferrari which are around 4 million. I hope someone can tell me just some quicker ways to earn money.

Spend time doing any of the activities that earn credits.

Do 168 championships. Do online roadtrips. Do rivals. Chase “one of the best drivers in Horizon”.

There is no quick fix - just spend time earning cash rather than doing donuts.

Drag racing is not good as you end up with too much time spent in loading screens.

Head to heads can earn you big money fast buddy.

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Haha I like this:))
so many people do donuts, they must think it is some fast money bank

I don’t do donuts all the time. And how do you actually do you a head to head race? Haven’t done that before.