How to get 600000 XP in 15 minutes

Hello today I want to share a tip on how I level up the quickest. I usually get around 100k XP (times 6) when I feel for it, you can get more or less that depends on you. All you got to do really is to get to the airstrip and drift like I will show you in a video here. I am using the Jaguar XK120 (Barn find) and I got it fully upgraded minus the weight reduction (same stats but its S2 which is nice).

I can share my tune setup and everything, if anyone would be interested.

Drifting Video

Here is the video where I drove one way, and I alredy have 6.0x multiplier and 20k xp, still building. Just go back and forth and you’ll have tons of XP in no time. I think this is the fastest way (that I know of) to level up, and feel free to share and do as you please.

Any questions feel free to reply or if you have any input or a better way to gain XP go ahead and share!

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Erm that’s not XP. That’s just your skill chain. which equals a very small amount of XP. I’ve already built myself a 2.5 million skill chain and if it were XP then I would’ve leveled up LOTS.


Nice paint job !

Despite him actually talking about skill chain and not XP, there’s still a way to earn XP rather quickly. You must be in online free roam, race 15+ laps on any of the circuits with a friend. Typically I use the Castelleto high speed circuit, a class lap times are around 1:00 flat. I do anywhere between 15-30 laps 25 laps yesterday in 2nd place netted me 114,000xp for a 25 minute race.


Would you be interested in showing me? GT: BoldCityDigital

I do the same thing using the Round A Bouts and a Buick GNX ultimate tire burner with skinny tires…LOL

Or Just Smash 15000 XP boards

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Here’s a bizarre thought, why not just enjoy the game and let the XP build while you’re at it, rather than focusing on it to the detriment of the actual gameplay. You know, the thing you bought the game for. Lol
Grinding just ruins the fun of any game for me. I’d rather just let zp count up in the background while I’m exploring southern Europe!

I will add you asap.

I don’t really consider it grinding for XP I consider it earning it in a quicker way. More XP means more wheelspins, higher club ladder ranking, etc… Grinding to me is 50 laps at the Indy oval like we did early on in FM5.

EDIT: oops mistook you and the OP so ignore the below. I still say race the championships or online road trips or somehting else that contributes to achievements or game completion. People try to rush one aspect of the game and then either fill the guage fully too early or end up with too much credits or xp or whatever. Games are usually balanced if you just play through them bit by bit.

…ignore below

It is not xp you are getting though. You will get some small amount like maybe 1% of the total skill points as xp when you bank but the 600,000 you are getting is not wheelspin xp.

Perks will come through normal play, in fact they will come way too quick. That is the only thing your method speeds up - perks.

You would get xp quicker by racing than doing skill chains.

A 300k skill chain only nets you around 2000 EXP, OP.

Taking that into consideration, every 150K in skill chain points is equal to 1000 EXP, so your skill Chain of 600K is around 4K EXP. To get 200K EXP from a skill chain you would need 30,000,000 point skill chain (5,000,000 points and a times 6 multiplier, or 6,000,000 points and a times 5 multiplier). Personally, I don’t have the time or skill for that and would rather just play the game.

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Unfortunately, you can only get a maximum of 12,500 XP from a skill chain (assuming all perks are unlocked). Once the chain goes above 100k (base points), the XP stops increasing. As a result, you get the same amount of XP from 100k points as you do, say, 10 million points.

I did not know that, thank you for sharing.

I spent a couple of hours down at the docks drifting around containers, the warehouse and inside the warehouse and was able to unlock all the perks now I just race for XP. Would be nice to get the 500,000cr reward every time your skill chain wheel is filled like in FH1. But it’s cool I get a fair few CR when I turn it on every few days through paints and drivatar rewards.

If u want credits go on a free roam with a friend and find a speed trap that none of ur other friends have done. Take it in turns to drive through it as slowly as possible beating the other person each time. Myself and a friend got over 2 million in half an hour!!!