How to get 100% of the game?

Dear all,

I am sorry for my poor English, it is not my genuine language.

The objective of this topic is share knowledge of how to get 100% of the game in career mode.
I play FM4 for almost 1 year, almost every day and I am still in 52.8%. I have all DLCs.

Please my friends, with are the ways to get 100%?
In the last month I spent a lot of money buying cars that are not good to drive, as Hennessey Venom, Ferrari F50GT, Ferrari FXX, and others.
I have 321 cars, do I need more?

To begin, I have some doubts:

  1. With are the cars I need to full the game?
    When I go the events list, the only cars that the game informs to me that are missing are some Porsches and a Saleen.
    Does someone knows a car I can win Tuners of Japan event that is NOT a unicorn? I tried with all possible, but I could not control any of them. (depressed)
    I play without any assist and I do not have a wheel.

  2. How much money do I need to keep?
    I never keep less than 30 million, is it enought? I think if I stop to buy cars I could have more than 50 million!

  3. With Sallen should I buy?

  4. How many years of carrer do I need to complete?
    I think I am in the 6th, how do I see this information?

  5. Can somebody indicates me an amazing grip A600 car?
    I have 101 A-class cars, but none of them gives me the grip I want with a good power to beat the Ferrari F430 in the races.
    The best one in grip until now is the Honda NSX-R 2005, but it has very few power and I can’t beat the F430.

For now it is all I can remember.

Thank u all!

I think your answers are here.
If you search, you can find also a guide that explain how to unlock 1000G in FM4.

Looks like I messed up the quoting. It does not look right AT ALL.

You can pretty much build a good A class weapon in any car if it’s RWD, all you need to do is to be ahead of that F430 ASAP. They’ll surrender because they’re hoepless when you’re starting to build your lead.