How to find a race for a specific car?

Does anyone know whether it is possible to filter races for specific cars?

I don’t even know how to change cars. All it let me drive is the black lamborghini? Can anyone help?

Go to any Festival and choose your car there

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Yes, you can, go to a track and do a blueprint, car type - custom (I think its the one furthest to the right, the choose the cars you want to appear in the race

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Thanks for your answer. Yes, that works indeed when you want to create your own race. But actually I meant how to find a race from the already existing races/championships?

You just have to go to the routes and activate them to find out. The horizon championships on each route have just 1 specific theme, but the exhibitions have several to choose from depending on the type of race and can change according to the car you are currently in. For example, a sprint race may accommodate hypercars, modern supercars, asian sportscar etc, a circuit may fit muscle cars, classic racers, european sportscar etc, scramble may have rally cars, hot hatch, SUV etc.

Not really individual cars but if you drive to an exhibition/championship location you can do pre-sets for that car group type