How to eliminate understeer on AWD?

i have horrible understeer on my 1500hp awd lambo.
what can i do to eliminate the understeer?
i already tuned the diff to give most of the power to the rear(center 75% rear) and front diff is at 25%
front wing is maxed
2.5 front camber
rear 1.5
front suspension is pretty soft while the back is in the middle (stiffer)
the thing is i dont understand is bump and rebound , can someone help how to tune this for awd ?

To get more turn u want the rear of the car stiffer. Crank up the rear rebound and bump and the car should rotate better.

Also lower the rear decel.

I’m finding with awd it’s best to get the car rotated initially. I’m not talking drift angles, but a proper slip angle.

Toe out the front .2 or .3. Also anything below 1:1 spring rate feels sluggish in this game. Which is important for turn in and car reaction.

The problem is that you’re driving a 1500hp car. It will never be good for anything, except maybe drag.