How to download the game and then transfer it to another pc


So basically I’m wondering if I can download (onto an external hard drive) this game using another pc then come back and install it onto my pc from the files I downloaded.

I’m asking this because my download speed is 1mb/s at best and with the 100gb download its going to take for ever (plus it keeps resetting itself for some reason) So instead I want to go to my mates house use his PC and download it onto my external drive, Bring the external drive back and then install it onto my internal hard drive.

I’ve tried copying the demo files just to test if I can copy and paste but its not allowing me, I get an error saying “Your organization does not allow you to place this file”

To put it simply I want to
Download the game onto an external drive. (Using fast internet)
Then move the game onto on my internal drive

Thanks for the help in advance

That would be a big fat Nope.