How to delete my save?

I need to start again. The second Jaguar given from the super 7 is melting my brain. I have all the houses, every car available in the game without the car pack, hall of fame top 1200 in the world and 69 million credits, but thanks to playground games thinking that my disability is a big old laugh, I have to start fresh.

I really really tried to ignore it and hope that they would do something after I’ve pleaded them to help, but they just flat out don’t care.

Is there any ideas of things I can do to make the restart less painful? Is there a way of storing credits in the auction house or something like that?

Thanks guys and girls for any help offered.

I don’get why you want to start again.

but anyway if you start with a new save you start from scratch and the old save will be gone with all in it…

Maybe if you paint the car with a nice paint, and then put a different tune on it it won’t bother you.

All because second Jaguar?

Its already part of the Known Issues List - in the last part “WON’T FIX OR BY DESIGN”
“Super 7 - Series 1- A Barn Find car (Jaguar Sport XJR-15) is being given as a completion award for finishing the Super 7. This car cannot be removed from the player garage due to being a Barn Find car.”

Means next time you would get two jaguars again…

Is it possible to gift drop it?

If it is that would take care of the problem.

No. Playground games thinks everyone is too stupid to decide what cars they have in their garage.

They’ve taken away auctioning, removing or gift dropping the cars. It’s the same with all barn finds. They decided it would be a good idea to give anyone who played super 7 for the first week a second car they couldn’t get rid of.

Sorry if I may have understand something wrong, but why in the first place did you finish the super seven if you don’t wanna that car that’s rewarded for it? I mean I would be glad if I could have a second Jaguar of that type but there were for me never the possibilty to get one. Always normal and super wheel spins for completition, even as it was reported from other players that there is a TVR as reward in the super seven it wasn’t there for me…

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At the time, I had no idea you couldn’t remove them. To be frank, not being able to remove them is the most stupid thing I could possibly imagine in a game. I was trying to collect one of each car in the game and I had an accolade to finish the super 7. I wasn’t paying attention to the reward either as it wasn’t my goal.

I am just sad every time I go into my garage. Even though I don’t see it I know it’s there. I fixate on it and can’t stop. I even tried making it a neon pink off-road car to make it different but I can’t trick my own brain. It doesn’t work if I’m doing it :joy:.

Why don’t you start again with an other profile?
Maybe they bring back the possibility to auction barnfinds with a future update, who knows?

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I like it.

Thank you.