How to create fire in forza motorsport (video)

Hi everyone , i finally decided to create a video that will explain how i create my fire flames.
I did it , cause i’m convinced everyone can paint in forza motorsport. Fire is an easy way to start and although it’s hot, it looks very cool.
To understand the proces completely, download the vinyl group ‘how to paint fire’ in my forza horizon 3 storefront.
Hope you all jump in the paintbooth after seeing my tutorial and make some amazing designs.Most important ,don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, transparency,…
Or even to start all over again untill you’re satisfied.Enjoy and have fun!!! FOR EVERYTHING DEADLIGHTS!!!
click link below to see my video
rockstof’s flames


Nice video, and kudos to you I thinks this was very helpful for people that wanna learn to paint in the game.Hey I might give it a shot on doing flames your style

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That was the idea , getting new people in to the paintbooth,Thanks Stevie for dropping by, and have fun putting nice cars on fire :wink:

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Looking good. But I hate to say with all the help in the world I’ll never get real flames done right :). Tutorial looks awesome bud

Thanks mate, glad you like the tutorial. And i’m sure after a little practice you will make even greater flames.If you can create such goodlooking hotrod flames, this won’t be hard for you. Cheers and thanks for dropping by. If you or someone else wants some more advice don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thank you for the great tutorial, rockstof. After seeing it and giving it a few attempts (that I’m not yet fond of), I tried mixing it up by using the gradient crescent shape exclusively. Still not sure about end result, but it’s a bit better than what I’ve done so far.


That’s better then what I come up with. Kudos on the caddy looks awesome.

I think it looks great man, i’m sure you created a winner. The only thing i should add is the circle gradient shape i used in tutorial to make the edges of the litle sharp flames a bit darker.Atleast if black hotrodflames are above the litlle sharp flames.If that’s the case it’s easy ,just inert gradient circle (maybe adjust tranparency)under the black hotrod flames and abobe the little sharp flames to soften or make the edge’s darker.But the deign looks great man, kudo’s to you.Thanks for sharing this design , i like it!!

Thanks for the very helpful tutorial! Using your technique I was able to produce this.

Boss 302

Sorry for the late reply, looks very good my man. Hope you enjoyed the paintbooth and had fun. If you like your flames you have created, just select all layers and group them ,now save the layer group.When you want to put the flames on another car ,you just have to load the saved layer group and put it on the new car. Thanks for dropping by.