How to create a design

Hi all now to this i really would like to design my own vinyl’s, the only thing is I do not know where to start.
Please help me learn to create a vinyl of my own.
Thank you

You might need to be more specific about the help that you need to be honest.

The basics;

From the home menu - tab across to Cars
Select Paint & Customise

To change the base colour of the car, select Paint Car, then paint - you can then choose to paint various sections of the car in a base colour.

If it’s where to go to start making custom vinyl groups - these are the ‘stickers’ you can apply to the car, whether that be a sponsor decal or image -from the paint and customise menu, select create vinyl group.

Once you’ve created your vinyl group (& saved it). Go back to paint car but this time select Apply decals. You can then insert your created vinyl groups on to the car, re-size, rotate etc to your hearts content.

If you have some specific questions, I’ll try and help further - there might even be some tutorials around the forums I can link you to should you need help with a certain area.

Good luck & have fun in the booth.

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