How To Convert Digital Copy progression to Disc?

Hey, I am wondering on how to convert Digital Copy progression to Disc.
Please answer.
I have tried looking on the Most Asked Questions Thread!

I would not think that it would matter as your game progress is stored in the cloud. For example when I traded my disc copy of BF4 and joined EA Access I still had all my single player progress in tact.

It’s what FullHornet said. It won’t matter because game saves are stored in the cloud. You don’t have to do anything.

Thank you. So can I play the disc copy without internet sometimes?

Because with the digital copy, I could not play it without internet. I always had to sign into my Outlook account on Xbox One.

Try signing in online on xbox one and go to settings.

On left hand side at the bottom it should have an option called “Home Console” or similar.

Try setting that so your console IS your home console. Whilst online fire up the game.

Then turn off and try again. I am not sure if that will work but it might.


I will give that a try.