how to complete Chevy SS bucket list?

I simply can’t do it. I have completed all 44 others, but an Australian passenger car stands between me and finishing all the bucketlists. apart from the “don’t spin” advice…

Any tips?

Try youtube, I remember a lot of people having grief with that one

I’m not a skilled drifter and doing so on the golf course is no easy task, but if you can string together a good amount of high-speed slides, jumps and sideswipes, you’ll rack up the skill points rather quickly. The key is just keeping that chain going, thus holding onto the multiplier that will get you to the goal much, much quicker.

I tried to drift, jump and use the fences and bushes (sideswipe points) to gain points. Like said, keep the chain up and be sure you unlocked all the perks (they really help here).

The easy way is to get up onto the highway/freeway and use that. Rack up as many points as you can on your way there and then use speed and near misses.

This is the method I used. Beat it first try after trying the actual way a billion times and throwing my controller.

It also helps to have acquired the Perks that make it easier to build massive skill points, like Drift Star, Hang On, Risk Taker, Skill Legend, and Skill Shortcut.
For me the Skill Legend perk was the one that got me over the 150K goal, but I also hit the highway vs. staying at the golf course.

My XBox recorded my Skill streak during that challenge.

If you stick to the pavement and can get some speed you can get some good drifts going. Also take note of the jumps and fences in the area before doing this event and try not to destroy them.

Once you start the event, head out of the golf course and turn right onto the highway. Here, gather some speed and turn right onto the grass field and drive so you’re taking out the fence. You can get some sideways action going, if you’re comfortable, as you smash the fence. There will be a break in the fence and a chance for a little bit of air - don’t wreck your streak here - and then the fencing continues. Continue around the golf course smashing the fence.

If you start with all the fence there and you do this correctly, you should get enough points from driving around the golf course through the fence to pass the event. The only challenge then becomes not breaking your streak by landing funny, hitting a tree, or spinning out. I did it this way and cleared a 6.0 multiplier with enough points for the challenge and all I did was drive through the fence with minial drifting.

Just drift through the fences, remember to keep transitioning the car in order to get more points.

I wish these drifting Bucket List challenges were harder.

My strategy for bucket lists is easy. I just avoid them because I find them unpleasant to do.

thanks for all the tips :slight_smile:
BTW I do have all the perks

Switch to manual gearbox - stick it in 2nd gear and throttle.

There are two effective strategies I can recommend.

1: Smash up everything in the start area, and be sure to work the trashcans into your combo for the bonuses they give. without losing your combo, chain-drift your way to the entrance. Try and topple a sapling or two for the “landscaping” bonus. Once you reach the entrance area, start tearing up the fence, drifting as you do so to earn “sideswipe” bonuses. If you lose your rhythm, try and make it to the pavement and light up the rear tyres, scoring a quick “burnout” to keep your combo alive.

2: Start out the same, but chain-drift your way to the highway onramp. Haul butt down the highway in the opposing lanes, and build a mighty chain of “speed” and “near miss” skills until victory is yours. Make sure you dart between cars for the “threading the needle” bonuses.

The key to either method is an unbroken skill chain. Best of luck!

are there any aids I should have on/off?

(I race with rewind, full driving line and ABS)