How to change music in game

Hello all, please help me! How can i change music in game, i always hear only one song when i drive!

I’m not sure but I think you can’t in the options menu turn it off .

very strange game choice here

why would anyone think that ONE track is all anyone ever needs in the menu AND the game???

The developer probably anticipates most gamers either a) playing their own music, or b) turning music off altogether. To be fair, music is rarely a complaint.

incredibly stupid excuse for poor in-game music. this is going to drive me insane playing this game,

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IK know it’s an old thread, but I’m new to FM5 and 7. If you don;t like the soundtrack to 5, turn it off and run Pandora or Spotify on your console. It can be done, if you want.


This is glorious! Thank you

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