How to buy a car with stock parts?

Ok the mods deleted my previous post for whatever reason and without giving an explanation, but It’s apparently related to homologation. As I try to buy cars, the stats are insanely off which as I know now is homologation. Soo, how does one turn this off so I can buy, for instance, a Bmw m2 that has stock stats instead of the 444hp it shows now?

Go to Buy Cars
Pick a car you can afford and Buy
Choose your paint or color and Buy
Choose Homologated or Stock installed parts

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Choosing stock parts does nothing.
Confirmed on two cars.

It’s exactly how its worded.
You get the car but with the stock parts installed.
You still pay for the parts!!! They just arent installed, but you own them.

This needs to be FIXED ASAP!!!

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Gotcha, thanks for the reply and it all makes sense now. I understand about the merging topics and asking questions already answered, I’ve just had a few drinks tonight and got home excited for Forza and basically became an 8 year old confused boy. Feel free to delete this thread!

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and my question is how to bypass homologation? this feature is really ruining the game for me. I don’t want to race a 300hp Clio with hyper-fat tires. I want it as stock as possible. In previous Forza games you could race, even if your car was under the requirement. It gave you the option to “Race anyway.” Not all people like modified cars. Some of us like to feel the car as close to stock as possible.

I don’t want to complain. I think this game is beautiful, but that little detail has completely ruined the experience for me.


Wondering about this too as I prefer to keep all my cars stock as well. There was a toggle in the past games if I recall correctly.

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I honestly thing we should have the option of switching the homologation view to the normal Forza Motorsport 6 view for buying cars

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Homologation is the new hotness and will be required during most of the Driver’s Cup progression.

If you want to race cars stock or with crazy tunes, Free Play is where you do it…

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But you can’t set up a free play race with all cars in the same division with no restriction on upgrades. You can only get a bunch of random cars at the same PI. I’ve spent a lot of time in the race settings and it is extremely inflexible. Homologation is terrible.

The best I could get was having all cars be the same car as me.

So if I want to get the car I want for a race without getting automatic parts added to it, I have to go to a different menu and then find the car I need. Then if I want to do the homologation myself I have to remember the requirements because otherwise the game does it for me anyway. Why can’t we just have an option to buy the car stock and then do the homologation manually from the championship menu? A major part for players of the FM series is to tinker with their own cars. You are kind of taking that away from us when homologation is done automatically unless you jump through some really annoying hoops.

That’s the way the economy is so you don’t have to pay for them when it’s time to jump into a homologated race. But if you want to buy the car in stock setup, this is the way it’s done.

You’re wrong.
Maybe that’s how its supposed to work, but it isn’t.
You still pay for the parts.

AS of now it is 100% impossible to buy a car by itself without extra Homologation parts.

Go try it for yourself Max.
Buy a car, Choose stock parts and keep track of how much it would be with the parts.

You will find that you paid for the parts, and that they gave you the parts, but left the stock upgrades on.

I’m not saying you get to buy the car with only stock parts, I’m saying you get to buy the car in stock setup. That appears to be as intended.

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Thank you for clarifying.
They need to add the ability to buy bone stock ASAP.
Don’t want to waste upwards of 20k on parts I will never use when I build multiple cars.

Iv’e easily lost a few hundred thousand because of this.

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Are you saying that if a car is listed as 50,000 in the Buy Cars menu and you buy it with Stock Setup, your credits will be deducted by more than 50,000 because you’re being charged extra credits for the parts? Which cars is this happening with? I haven’t seen this as the case when I buy.

+100000 for being able to buy a car with stock parts and setup. After a bit I won’t touch the single player of this game, how is this a logical decision???

Also, why can I only buy a car without the parts mounted in buy car.
It is really nice, you can basically buy cars on the fly in various parts of the game. But let me buy them stock, no upgrades, non homologated.
Now i need to go to buy car and even then i can’t buy it stock.

There should be an option to buy a car with stock setup if you buy it from the buy cars menu. If you buy it for one of the career events from the career menu, it will automatically be homologated.

I want to by stock cars, how do I do that? I wanna buy a miata and modify it to B class myself, with the parts I want.

And why are gear ratio’s so far off on some cars? I bought an EK Civic Type R and it does over 50mph in 1st gear, thats not anywhere near stock. so get it back to stock like ratios I have to upgrade the transmission and possibly put it out of class…


The homologation system is a fickled mistress, it modifies your car based on the type of event you are participating in, so it automatically be ready for a competitive race, you can see the event limit by going into the car selection tab, there should be a bar below indicating the car’s current stats and the maximum it can be.