How to Best Spend Credits?

Looks like I lucked out and spun two 1,000,000 credit jackpots right off the bat. Before I waste it all on mod packs I thought I should ask; what do you guys choose to spend on? It seems like buying the fanciest cars won’t do me much good in the career as of yet since I’m mostly restricted to certain classes.

I spent around 2 million on mod packs to get the two rare dare mods i needed for achievements, after that i bought all the cars i like the best, i think i bought around 40, one after the other.

Credits are a non issue though as i started with 25 million.

Which rare mods are you talking about? Manual trans and home field? Or have you packed the back of the pack dare mod?
If you packed that last one by spending only 2million please tell me your secret. I spent 20 million but I just cant get that last one…

The two i needed were back of the pack & immersion (cockpit view, racing line off).

I was just buying each type of pack one after the other until back of the pack appeared.

I would just buy all the cars you want. Although, it could be in your best interest to have at least one car for each group (one classic American muscle, one LMP1 car, one WTCC car, etc.).

You can check to see what cars are in each group here.

i only went though 6 million… (I needed imersion and manual) I had back of the pack in the beginning.
( i have 42 dares - 64 crew - (boosts come and go) I’m done buying mods for a while…

at OP from Manteo Max -

Well this is pretty useful information. There is also a spreadsheet that has the divisions of each car - so you can pick from there and get a tune to match the above PI

The best way you seem fit that’s how you spend them

I like buying mod packs but I like to buy new cars for the championship im in so that will spend enough for me lol like the 250 GTO and classics and the LMP cars

How does buying the Recommended cars sound as a car buying strategy?

I’ve spent like 10 million on mod packs so far. most of the cars are so affordable or easy to win there really is no need to save them for cars. (im currently at 23 million credits and get about 3 million per day from racing alone).

As you keep leveling up you’ll win some cars that you can use in other series. Also each time you unlock a volume you get a spin that will win you a car to use in the next volume, I think the game does that on purpose. Lots of the 10th anniversary cars can also be used in the series so my advise, just buy the cars you really like to start building up your garage…that’s what I did.

I just blow it all on mod packs.

Blew 20+ million on mods, just so that i would have to work for cars. Don’t regret it one bit.

Now if I could just get the game to stop throwing free car prizes at me…lol.

I started the game with a bunch of free cars and the cars from all the DLC for free. I then won a couple million credits and proceeded to go and spend money on cars. I’m level 13 now with almost 6 million in the bank but I’ve spent approximately 24 million on cars and 4 - 6 million on mod packs. I still don’t have the mods I need for the achievements but earning money is super simple. One league race earlier netted me close to 50K.

I’ve simply been spending money on mods or cars until I am just under 4 million and the money is back real fast.

Short Answer - spend the money on whatever you want, you won’t miss the cash.

Started with 16 million on day one. Was down to 3 million buying cars for multiplayer and mod packs for achievements. Currently back up to 7 million by playing League and career using the mods I acquired along the way. It is pretty easy to earn money, I would say stay above 1 million and you will be set.