[How to] Being kicked without any reason.

Hi guys !

Firt of all, I’d like to assure you that I didn’t create this topic to whine or be aggressive towards anybody. I’m seeking some advices on how to react after being kicked for no specific reason. A few precisions must be given to fully understand the situation.

I joined few minutes ago the “70’s GP” Category to race some old school F1’s, as I never tried this category before I was eager to test it out. I was a bit surprised to see that all the players were british (11 or 12 racers). The race started few minutes after my arrival in the lobby - no word were exchanged during the selection of the race, I suppose that most of them were using a group chat… The race went on and as usual I made absolutely no contact with my opponents during the 5 turns. I finally “managed” to loose 3 places in the final lap finishing on the 7th place. When returning to the lobby I had the surprise to see for the first time a message telling me that I was voted and kicked out of the lobby.

I didn’t really bother about this as I thought that I could find another lobby to race on. But the fact is that the 70’s are not very popular and that all my attemps to join a new lobby failed. I suppose that there is only one lobby playing this category at this very moment. Here is the problem : how can I handle this situation ? Reporting these players do not seems to be the right thing to do, They didn’t wreck me during the race, insult me or anything else. What kind of action can I do to report this kind of awkward situation to Microsoft.

Thank for any help and advice.


(Please don’t bother with my english skills, I’m still perfecting it xD)

They probably did it to make room for some buddies or something. Either that or you could have been lagging and on your screen you were fine but on theirs not so much. And sometimes people are just jerks.

Can only echo what was just said you were probably the unlucky one that they selected to make room for a friend, was common on Forza 4 especially of they were clanned up

your lucky 2nd day of owning the game and i have yet to be able to play any online race :frowning:

Yeah sounds like a room for friends, I wouldnt look into it anymore than that.

Yeah used to happen a lot on Battlefield to, I’ve been the one doing the kicking and I’ve been the one who’s been kicked. Don’t take it personally.

Well, this seems a bit weird as private lobbies can be created to host this kind of meeting. Kicking someone and forbidding him to access the only race available in a category is at best disrespectful. I’m not a jerk and - surprise - I expect the same from other people - call me naive. If one of them had sent me a message explaining me the situation I had left the lobby without any problem.

Sorry that it happened to you and the above is fairly respectable and naive at the same time, I mean zero disrespect, it’s admirable.

I doubt anyone would message, under that circumstance - because the return messages can be pretty brutal. I only message people I enjoyed racing with as a rule.

Everyone here has probably been kicked one time or other… (Though it is much harder in FM5). It could be you were too good, too bad, lag, a clan not wanting you to race with them. I feel your grievances are warranted. I don’t know that I would report it, either ( i think I would have to establish that it is a pattern- before possible ruin someone’s ability to play Forza, we all have bad days, and do stupid thing occasionally- especially with the anonymity) . I think I would have messaged them politely as your post is… and made a decision to block them or not based on the reply.

I’ve never done it on Forza personally, just Battlefield. I ussed to message people to explain but 8 out of ten times I’d get a message back saying unspeakable things about my mother or my sexuality so I stopped.

The forbidding is an automatic thing on Turn 10’s part, if you get kicked rightly so you shouldn’t go back in there (99% of the time you would have been kicked for a valid reason)

Could be network related. I was in a full lobby a month ago with people from Europe, North and South America and Australia and got booted. It wasn’t until I got paired with the North Americans that it became apparent that network issues kicked a bunch of people out.

Its really hard to boot people in this game unless everyone works together. In the previous game it wasn’t hard at all.

You played with people from Australia? Is that country using the same server then us???

We are all connecting to the same server.

Who is “we”? The whole world?


Gamers playing Forza 5 who else would it be?

depending on the time of day. if you go on about 6-9 am pacific time its almost all people from europe, the mid east and austrailia. i dont get lag but i am learning to cuss in every language on the planet. its probably the same for the europeans when its evening time in america. i have insomnia and its not uncommon to be the only american in the room early in the morning.

He received a message he’d been kicked by the lobby though. I’d thought I’d been kicked by lobby vote several times early in the game when it was really network issues but later seen a video a troll uploaded and when you are actually kicked a game generated message pops up saying you’ve been voted out.

@Racer4evr - the way matchmaking often works is it looks for the best connection. If it can’t find a local game it will put you in the best one it can find. Sometimes that will mean an around the world game.

The game is connecting to Azure servers rather than P2P.

Correct. But there are still good matches and bad matches.