How to access photos from photo mode outside of the game?

That’s basically my question, how do I access my screenshots outside of Forza Horizon 5, (or 4) to for example send them to someone on discord or something.

Go to the main page of this very same website, click on “community” then you’ll see the FH4 and FH5 gallery. From there you can access your photos and download them.

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Both galleries are down…

Forza Hub? Oh wait…

If you are on PC you can screenshot them.

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Forza hub shows no pictures and seems to have wiped mine completely. Lovely.

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Yeah I know. It was a joke because they killed the Forza Hub.

Killed it as in wiped it? How are we supposed to get pics of games besides H4 and H5? They are the only ones available on this site (if they were working)

Killed it as in they stopped supporting it, you can’t download the app anymore. My photos disappeared off there as well. Idk probably happened when they shut service down, can’t access any photos from anyone. Like I was saying if you are on PC you can screenshot your game in photo mode or whatever photo you want. If you are on Xbox, you have to do it on here I think, and the servers are down so you might have to wait.

On Xbox Series X|S just make all the photo adjustments in photo mode then hide UI, then press the “share” button, it will save it to your Xbox.


The community system for storing photos is an utter farce, I sincerely hope they consider updates to the photo system for PC - I don’t know the XBox setup at all so can’t comment. The resolution of the shots on the website are significantly worse with heavy compression affecting sharpness.

In reality I’d like a resolution setting and local storage options minimum, but some form of RAW file that can be post-processed would also be a bonus.

It realise this is nothing more than dream world rantings, but I’ve been enjoying photo mode and wish for less limitations.


yes in a website they really compress the quality of the images we take and we can’t even edit the pictures, would be great to know the save location on pc :frowning:

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