How to access game menu?

I’m an absolute beginner (one day) at both Xbox and Forza 6. I may also be a complete idiot, but I can’t figure out how to access the game menu/options tab so I can begin setting all my options. I’m using (or trying to use) a Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel and have found many posts on how the settings should be set, but can’t find one on how to access the dang menu/ta in the first place. Is that function not available until I complete the three initial races? Or am I simply missing something?

My eternal gratitude to anyone who will take the time to assist me.

you need to finish the first few races before you can access all that stuff

Thanks, talby71. I was afraid that was the case, but it certainly makes it a lot more difficult to complete those races. My steering is so sensitive, both with the wheel and the Xbox controller, that I am constantly going “off-road.” Is there any way to change just the steering sensitivity?