How the Toyota Celica SS-I is in the wrong vehicle class

It’s strange to think that a 2005 Toyota Cellica in Forza H5 is classed as a Modern Sports car when it should be classed as a retro sports car or hot hatch like it’s similar counter part and rival the Acura RSX Type-S. Instead Turn 10 placed the car in a class that makes it one of the worst cars to choose with out putting the racing V6 or the Rally motor into it because every car in the Modern Sports Cars has twice the amount of power on average. This has nerfed the Celica hard core and created a car that enthusiasts wanted, but have no use in using it competitively. I love the engine that came with this car as I myself owned a 2005 Corolla XRS with the 2ZZ-GE and the C60 gearbox. That motor was a blast to rev out and made the corolla fun! Even in motorsports 6 the Celica actually was a good car to use in lower class races due to it being light weight and having decent power and handling. Turn 10 needs to bring the car into a lower tier class in order to balance out the game play with a simple patch.

My go to B class anything goes car. Love it with the body kit and FWD.

Is it a hatchback? It doesn’t look like one.

Yes it’s a hatchback

Car category dont mean a thing. Only thing it matters is PI rating. I mean just look at Classic Racers.

Why you people focus on those tiny things when the game has much bigger problems is beyond me.

Well, except when an event calls for a car from a certain category.


Maybe cause the ‘bigger problems’ you speak of are also beyond our control.

At least with cars we can discuss tunes and engine swaps and such to help someone make a car more competitive/fun etc…

If that part is ‘beyond you’ then I advice to stop posting ignorant comments to people that do nothing for the conversation cept reinforce the assumption you are a simpleton that has nothing of value to contribute.

Did I pretty much nail it? thought so.

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Car Category has nothing to do with engine swaps or tunes. I dont see how an irrelevant answer being close to nailing it.

Besides, Celica is already in Retro Sports car category. OP is clearly didnt done his homework before posting.

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Man, you are a simpleton!


Attention to detail is just as important as quality of gameplay, especially with a racing game. Trust me, it is really easy to tell the difference between a game made by people who love cars and a game with cars made by just people.


Celica is in Retro Sports car category. Do your research better next time. Even if it wasnt, It wouldnt be a problem at all.

Didn’t know homework was required to make a response on this matter.

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Isn’t attention to detail important? Pretty sure I heard that somewhere…

His retort earlier made little sense, and I also fail to see why you feel the need to chime in with a snarky attitude when I have never spoken to you in this thread until now.

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Which part didn’t make sense? The call to focus on what’s important certainly makes sense, even if it’s debatable which things are actually important. Which seems to leave the apparent fact that the Celica in the OP is actually already in the category the OP was saying it should be in, and knowing that (aka “doing the research” or even, say, paying attention to that detail) renders much of the conversation around it pointless.

Furthermore, you’re in a public forum, not a private conversation. Chiming in, as it were, is the order of the day. And since I was really only handing you your own words - if you thought they were snarky, well…