How rare is the porsche 928 gts and 914/6?

I just wanted to know how rare these two cars are, because I have three of both, but others say it is very rare. So are both really rare and I’m just getting extremely lucky, or are these cars more common than they say?

VIP cars i believe so that would make them rare because most people are not VIPs. Maybe not rare for you but overall most people don’t have one because they are not VIPs.

But I got my first 928 before I bought VIP. Same with my first 914. You don’t need VIP to get it off the auction house

You can buy them from the Auction House no matter of your VIP status. When they were available through Forzathon events, you could only do them if you had the VIP DLC.

As for numbers of them around.

According to the Xbox Achievement list;

1.43% of the people with Horizon 3 managed to get the Porsche 914
0.70% of the people with Horizon 3 managed to get the Porsche 928

If we take into account that Horizon 3 sold in excess of 2.5 million copies.

Going purely on that figure of 2.5 million.

35750 people got the 914
17500 people got the 928

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I don’t know about the 914, but there was only one Forzathon which offered the 928, and it was only opened to VIPs. So it’s probably one of the rarest cars in the game.

I guess they are some of the rarest ingame… together with the Mercedes SEL for example…

il buy one for 928gts for 20,

These cars are very rare, I have never seen anyone else drive these around. When I drive my ones around i usually get some people asking “what car is that?”. So yes you are correct, they are very rare indeed.