How PVP should be done in racing games

2:06 - I don’t even need to say more besides the fact that if I win on 1st place 90% of times I deserve to increase in rank instead of losing -100 points and wining +9 because of my teammate that thinks bringing a mini cooper in S2 Dirt is acceptable, and then proceeds to ram ME, HIS TEAMMATE off the road, everything else is covered by the nice Ubisoft lady.

INB4 I get my account banned LOL

Lol, I don’t think that is a bannable offense but still funny.
I don’t even bother with ranked racing, just did it enough to get ranked 20th for the game requirements then quickly abandoned it. Mainly because people bring a toaster or over hyped coffee grinder to a race and then proceed to wreck every single teamate they can, including tag teaming you if you happen to finish first.
I’ve been the target of many ragers simply for finishing freeroam in first place.
I had a car built for dirt racing that did a fantastic job in offroad freeroam and apparently, that tuning skill qualifies you for road rage target of the day.
So after about 3 days of trying to make level 19 I gave up.