How often do T10 servers synch?

I noticed that my actual gamerscore, achievements, showcases, badges…etc…are not completely reflected on this sites Forza Rewards. Yet, I do see the correct gamerscore on the MSN achievements site. So, how often are the T10 servers synch’d for such data? Thanks!


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Same issue here. No updates since day 3 of play.

Seems to take about 3 or 4 days
Im still waiting for weekend achievements to be acknowledged on the rewards page

They will be recognized soon enough
As long as they are done before Friday you’ll get your correct tier rewards

Thanks talby71…hope it resets soon!

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yea it better

I know what you mean it says I am driver level 10 and I have just reached driver level 15 mind you to be honest my forza horizon on xbox 360 has not been updating properly either it says I have done 678 miles yet if I look in game I have actualy done over 2000 miles as I was trying to reach tier 8 before forza 6 hit so I could get the audi but I never reached it as some of my reward acheivements did not unlock So I missed out on that car for free.I managed to get forza 6 early and reached tier 8 while playing but I never got the audi for free personaly I think that is stupid because what if some one has been trying to get to tier 8 before hand but has not played every game in the series or they are not that great at the games to 100% every game and they are a few 100 points away to getting it like I was and they get the points when forza 6 is out like I did they have just missed out on that free car.

Mine does not even register on this site…I just get a spinning button.

In game Horizon 2 does not show up and I have the Ultimate Edition. Weird.

The progress bars are not updating for me, however the achievements are showing as unlocked below them, but the achievement progress bar is at zero. 8 don’t understand how one part is up to date and the other isn’t?

Also I was tier 8 before starting forza 6, yet in game I only have a gold badge rather than the platinum one that should have been unlocked.

I should be at tier 9 by now says I’ve played 9 days but I played every day since the 10th witch should be 17 days and the achievements are off by 200 gamerscore driver level off by 11 mods used ? no way to tell as it’s not shown in game