how many uses?

im just curious to which car of yours has the most amount of uses? mine are all over the place so it got me curious.

Before my gallery wipe the Queen Chrysalis LP700-4 was my highest used. It was a T10 pick which helped, but in the course of around 3 days it had close to 550 downloads and over 700 uses. Nothing else I’ve had has gotten that high in such a short amount of time. Now that I’ve re-upped everything it’s actually still the most used, but only by one use at 63 to the Twilight Sparkle C63’s 62 as of my writing this.

My highest is nearly 10k the avatar 370 the rest are all over the place

my Yoda has 17k uses 3K downloads and 1K in likes…lol…but now i heard its been hacked and being sold by someone else. SURPRISE!!! THIS IS SPAR…err FORZA!

turn 10 picks def help for sure. so kudos to them doing it this way. would still like to search artists and see their collective works…but not a travesty the way it is

LOL, why would someone even do such a thing? It’s not like you can get anywhere near the amount of credits as in Forza 4 by actually selling it. Just feels so pointless to go through the hassle of hacking a livery to make it your own just so you get a share of downloads.

So they’ve already started huh? I kinda thought the new sharing system was supposed to keep people from being able to hack it. May as well have the SF and AH back at this rate.

what !!! already again
no sf no auctionhous and still it got hacked
wow and we cant gift it doesent make any sens no more

my HOTROD black chevelle (total uses 20,000)was what i saw when i last checked with 15,000 downloads