How many people per division?

Hi folks,

I am curious how many players there are in each division. So, I was wondering if people could report how many each league hopper has for each class tonight (or tomorrow morning).

For the enthusiast division, as of 7:24 PM PST on Thursday, there were:

70’s Grand Prix - 544
C Class Ghost league - 1211

Pinnacle has 350 for c ghost league.

I haven’t done f1 so no idea as I don’t have leaderboard to look at and don’t feel like racing and ruining someone’s race with my weak connection

I am in a league but not on the books because I haven’t done a league in months.

There are about 250 on the leaderboard in Pinnacle Division for the 70s Grand Prix League.

Thanks folks!

Anyone from Elite. Grassroots or ?? (not sure of what the 5th group is called, assuming there is one) able add information?

Elite has 1514 in ghost c and 852 in 70’s gp

Professional has 796 in 70s GP & 1612 in C-Ghost

Based on the above posts, we can make an estimate on how many are racing (I’ll just quote the 70s Grand Prix League figures below):

So adding that up and making a guess on Grassroots the 70s Grand Prix League has about 3000 to 3500 players.

Based on Kudos Prime’s data about 1,000,000 people have played Forza Motorsport 6.

In short, about 0.35% of players have participated in this League, and I would suspect that the other Leagues have had similar popularity levels.

To put it another way, 99% of Forza Motorsport 6 players don’t play in Leagues.

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^^Which is a shame seeing how leagues are the best racing feature added to the Forza franchise imo. Regular hoppers seem to have anyone from Grassroots to Pinnacle level of player which I would think must be disheartening to get dnf’d alot. I always see at least a third of the field never get to finish in regular multiplayer. I bet they would be surprised (even the casuals) at how rewarding an expirience it is to race with equally skilled people in the leagues. (Plus the added bonus of credits at the end of the week is nice.)

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