How many PCs can you install on?

I want to install FH4 on another PC of mine here in the house. I don’t care about saving progress. When I go to the Store on my new PC, it wants me to re-buy FH4, and it’s not listed in My Library. In fact, now that I check, I have much more in My Library on my previous PC than new. Don’t understand this as they are signed in on the same account. New PC is activated Win 10 Pro and the old is Home - wonder if that makes a difference.

Are you signed in with your Win10 account and inside the XBox app ?

edit: Home or Pro makes no difference, until both is x64

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I signed out, rebooted, signed back in and everything is there. Weird, but works now. Thanks for the reply!

Please dont stop here → what about the progress. Will it be carried over to your other PC? I want to do the same thing (PC at home, Notebook on the Road) - but I want to continue where I left on the other system.

can someone answer to this question, i’m interested too!!
thanks a lot

You can install on as many pc’s as you like as long as you’re signed in with the account you purchased the game with. Progress will be saved across all, you’ll just have to go through the sync process every time you swap machines. You can only have a single cloud save, so if you skip syncing it will probably overwrite your cloud save at some point.

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thanks for the answer,as you knows, is there a way to save local the savegame progress?

As far as I know there isn’t, as you can’t play the game on PC without signing in to your Microsoft account

I sync between PC and Xbox all the time, will be the same. Just make sure you exit properly, no hard reset or you can lose your last bit of progress