How many of you guys have broken controllers?

I have broken 2 controllers so far playing Forza 5. Specifically the steering stick.

haha, just wondering if anybody else out there has done the same thing?

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You’ve broken them through the course of regular play? Or out of rage?

I have broken two controllers through normal play. With both of them, the steering stick went bad and I had to have them replaced. I have a third that is broken, but that didn’t break from normal play :slight_smile:

I never broke a controller playing Forza, probably because I’m so smooth(or slow).

I did break one playing pinball…

Regular play… I’ll explain moree below

I hear ya, but here’s the thing… I’m super smooth on the race track in real life. It’s this controller ( not the design, just the fact that it’s not a steering wheel )
But on a side note, it seems the new controllers are a little on the weak side as far as the sticks go.

I’ve never broke a controller from just playing. There have been a couple of occasions where my temper got the best of me, but not from just playing. Other forums members have said their sticks have gone off center though, so I’m sure it’s just a defect in some of the controllers.

I broke one because it had a cord on it and the xbox ones don’t have a quick release and the controller when flying into the wall after I tripped over the cord.

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FUNNY! I’ve done this too… damn thing just SLAMS the wall. lol

My X button sporadically decides not to work. It’s fun to pull out of turns in 6th gear. BooowaaaaaaaaAAAAA.

if you are breaking the thumb sticks you are steering way to hard. your stick never needs to go full lock. calibrate your stick and retune your car if full lock is needed. i have to tune over steer out of my cars, and once you are in over steer you already went to far unless you are drifting.

Still on my first, I’ve dropped it on the floor a lot of times but it still feels relatively new lol.

I’ve broke the steering stick on one control through driving normally.

It wasn’t me, but I had two friends playing nba14, and afterwards the controller now has a loose part floating inside, and it appears the left rumble is a bit less on those(2) controllers. The A button was flaky out of the box on 2 of my 3 controllers as well… This is all through normal play as we are all thirty somethings and no kids, or dogs, have been in the house recently.

On a side note, I really wish they were a little bigger. For all that research microsoft claimed to do, my hands cramp like a mug :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m always baffled when I see posts about how many controllers people go through. I understand when accidents happen, but for one to just outright break from normal use leaves me scratching my head. I still have (and use) the controller that came bundled with my 360 way back when, and besides it being worn completely smooth on all the buttons it still works like a charm. I’ve actually replaced two consoles and still used that controller. So far I’ve had no issue with the ONE either, hopefully it stays that way.

Are you playing with some kind of this armour?

Braking one… Ok that happens, now, two?? Yeah, right.

Yes ive broken 2 controllers aswell i think its a common fault where something breaks off inside the controller connecting the analogue stick,which then makes it useless for driving games as the car then steers itself…Also i know a few people who have broken the buttons and have the triggers/shoulder buttons stickin alot…Overall i would say the controllers are made from alot cheaper material and it seems the hardcore stress levels of forza are giving them an early retirement lol…Go on the microsoft website and u can actually replace your controller/if it registers as a genuine case not the dog has eaten it or the missus threw it out the window!!!

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Yep. broke my day one controller as well.
steers on its own randomly. impossible to play forza with.
onto controller 2. i just hope i dont end up with as many broken controllers as i did on my 360.

I saved my day one controller on a shelf for the day my other stops working. I’ve been expecting that the analog stick is going to go. Guess I was right. On 360 I had two controllers. That just steered left on their own to some degree or other. One was bad. I could counter steer it and it worked for ovals quite well. The other entered the trash bin. So I’ve been half expecting them to take a crap. Mine are all ok still.

I have yet to break my controller…key word being yet. Although the rubber covering on the left stick is starting to pull off

Some of you are obviously more gentle and more careful with your controllers. However, its pretty clear that sticks going bad on these things is a common occurrence. I had Microsoft replace both of mine and they didn’t hesitate at all to do so. They are obviously well aware of the issue.

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