How many DLC left?

Anyone know how many DLC car packs left for this game?

They end at march four more left exucting the two expansions

No they don’t, that’s only when the Half the Car Pass stops including them. There will definitely be packs after that that aren’t covered by that, which I’m getting sick of. (Not the extra content, but the fact that the Half the Car Pass doesn’t include it).

“Half the Car Pass” is such an immature term, they are only obligated to do the first 6 car packs you know, and if they included everything, hey the price would be probably near the cost of the actual game.


Half the Car Pass is a perfectly acceptable term when the Car Pass only includes, you guessed it, half of the car packs. They’re only obligated to include the first 6 months because they say so, nothing else.

And if the price becomes too much, hey! Why not offer two different passes, one Half the Car Pass, and one full Car Pass. More choice isn’t a bad thing in this case.

umm no.

We have no idea how many car packs there will be. The Car Pass is only half if they are going to do 12 packs which I doubt.

It I also possible that at launch they may not know how many monthly car packs they will do.

Do you want them to say “hey pay for 8 car packs - we may give you 7 or 9, not decided yet”?


I worked in a commercial game studio for almost 7 years, I can tell you that big games such as this with planned on going releases is all mapped out, as is the next game and all its on going releases and possibly even the one after that, the studio I worked in had a massive whiteboard with 3 years of mapped out releases and on going releases for the life of each development.

Sure things may change and it often does, but, it is all mapped out when the game is conceived as an idea originally. So yes, they should have a viable way of costing it as such but they would make less money this way also, tis the era of DLC and it came about purely to make more money :slight_smile:

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Exactly. I highly doubt a developer of this scale doesn’t have the DLC planned out long before release.

I am well aware of all of that. I probably chose my words poorly.

What if they want to maintain some kind of flexibilty for months 7-12?

I am not suggesting they can make a decision on 30 june about whether to do a july car pack. I am suggesting if the game is dead by xmas they may limit investment in content past the 6 month mark…maybe.

I have a similar opinion to you about making more money eg an extra $10 or $20 on the car pass and locking in more car packs. But maybe there is part of the situation here that we are not aware of.

Edit: The financial sustainabilty in the industry is not what it used to be.

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No, I want them to give us a Car Pass, or even better, a Season Pass that includes all future DLC.

Where they may not know how many packs they will do?


Theres at least 4 car packs
And 2 expansions

They could stop after the first 6 are done
But they wont
They are only obligated to do the first 6 though

I understand what you mean

But if it was a full 12 months car pass the price would be doubled and we would still be waiting on the last car pack in forza 6

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I really don’t care if the price is raised for it though, I just want to pay once and be done with it, rather than pay once, then 6 months later have to pay individually for the next 5 months.

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Typically the last DLC pack is in august. After that they expect you to buy FM7.


At the end you can buy all cars in the auctionhouse, no need to buy a carpack, no?

you cant buy DLC cars in the auction house if you dont own the actual DLC

I don’t think you could use the car without buying the dlc.

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Ah ok, my fault. Thought it was possible. So, forget what i wrote. :slight_smile:

This dead horse is tired of being beaten.

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