How long does it take untill replies?

I have sent them a mail Yesterday Morning, and i did not hear anything yet, not even an autoreply.

I have a big problem. Was around 800 laps into a 1000 lap Daytona race last night and the Xbox kicked me off saying it needed to update. I contacted Microsoft and they told me it was fine as the game backs up progress on the cloud and after the update it would work.

It didn’t.

They then got me to delete my profile and restore and it didn’t fix it, even though it took a few minutes to sync with the server.

They then told me to wait 24-72 hours and it should be fixed as there is a fault with the Forza servers.

I now lost the process of 800 laps, and all the credits, and level ups associated with it.

They probably won’t reply. those credits and xp are lost as the game doesn’t save races, MS support didn’t give you the correct info.


I already wait 2 years for answers round FM6, so keep reporting the bad conduct of T10 at Xbox Support, one day things finally change


An autoreply would be nice, but given the popularity of the Forza games (and with how many issues FM7 especially has had) the devs are probably swamped with far more emails then they can respond to.

However, I’ve also gotten the impression based on how the moderators use that email when locking threads that it’s intended to be a black hole to keep negativity off the forums. It lets people vent their frustration (since that’s what most of the feedback is) without turning people off from the game or encouraging them to vent elsewhere where others might see it.

Either way, I would be really surprised if anyone got a reply from that email.


It can usually take a few days, as they answer emails in the order they’re received. Also of note is the fact that they are based in the US and as such are open from around 9am to 6pm local time. Depending on where they are in the US that can be anywhere from GMT-5 to GMT-8. Morning where you are could be 12 hours or more ahead of the US, so that also has to be taken into consideration.

However, those 800 laps are gone. There is no way of getting them back, as mid-race game saving is not a feature that Forza supports, so any progress in a race will reset back to as though you never started the race to begin with. To avoid it happening in future, maybe disable automatic updates?

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They are near Seattle so -8. And indeed Gamer1000k, partly also because of lack of answering emails and bad communication (see last weeks Forzathon issues, how hard is it to post short newsitem that say: srry for the confusion around the new Forzathon, we are aware the dates on the achievements are wrong or that the challenges by mistake not appear ingame and trying to fix it as soon as possible).

Easy right?

I emailed them once with a specific query as I was advised to do. Never got any response whatsoever.

If they want to ignore people, that’s their prerogative, but customers shouldn’t be advised to email them and waste their time composing an email, if it’s just going to be ignored and not even dignified with an auto-reply.


They normally respond to issues I raise with them by email within two business days, but remember much of Microsoft is on holiday at the moment and T10 is part of Microsoft. It may take longer than normal for them to answer any emails. I’d start expecting replys to emails from the beginning of this week to be answered on the 2nd of January.

I’ve emailed about 4 times over the years asking for help.

Not one single reply, not even an auto reply.

Turn 10 are one of the worst for engaging with customers.