How long does each endurance race take?

I’m trying to get the Showstopper achievement, and all I have left to do are the endurance races. How long does each endurance race typically take?

The longest one (Sebring in the rain) is about 2,5 to 3 hours. Daytona at night was quite long as well, I think around 2 hours or so. Really fun one!

The shorter ones (Road America GT, Indianapolis IndyCar, Bathurst V8, Catalunya GT) are about 1 hour. This is most of them. Indianapolis is included here as well even though it’s a long distance to drive you can just go flat out.

There are still 3 I need to do: Le Mans, Spa & Nurburgring and I expect those to be a bit longer as well.

Indianapolis is also BY FAR the easiest one so if you are just starting this might be a good one. Also think about which mods to use because all the percentage based mobs for XP or credits are best used in endurance races.

LeMans is a long one as well. Around 2 hrs if I remember right. Nurburg is only 8 laps, should take you around 1hr 15mins or so.

Did only 100 miles races for now, arround a hour, lot of fun and a good reason to get rid of some hig percent Money or XP mods, the payout for endurance is very well.

Take the number and put a colon between the first and second number. That is how long it would take roughly. So 300 would be 3:00 which would be 3 hours. 150 would be 1:50 which would be 1 and a half hours.

I finally got the achievement last night. Plan on 1 to 1.5hrs for the 100’s and 2 to 2.5hrs for the longer races.

Make sure you identify the pit entrances well before you actually need them as I found a few of them to be hard to spot at first.

Good Luck, have fun and plan on taking a mid-race break or two.

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I did the sebring one and I saew people on Yotube that got over 1 million credits but for some reason I only got over 200,000CR

V.I.P. and mods increase your credit payouts

Agree with the posts above. Indy takes me 1 hour 4 minutes of driving time with the pedal always floored after the first lap.

I got about 600K credits total at Indy including car affinity and spins with no VIP or mod cards. I got 700K credits total with affinity and spins and 60% credit mod card but no VIP. Once you max car affinity at 25 you get an unlimited use mod card for that brand car with somethin like 50% credit and 25% grip (or power, or something).

I highly recommend no damage (not simulated) and rewind on, but other assists off. Above payouts figured out that way. Also figured out at unbeatable AI, it’s still super easy at Indy. Just don’t get too close to the wall or too close to the inside and the car is easy to control. There is a certain path that if you follow it, you won’t have to fight the car.

The 100 mile races all take right around an hour. Nurburgring takes about an hour and 20 minutes. Daytona at night took me about 2 hours. The other long ones I haven’t done yet. I’ve been replaying all the short ones to get affinity for all nine manufacturers. I did Daytona for Audi. I’ll use the Peugeot for the other two long ones for it’s affinity.

I’ve done indy, Atlanta, and the green hell. … all of them took under an hour.

I recommend simulation damage and no rewind if you actually want it to be exciting


I just did Road Atlanta and LeManns. Road Atlanta was 1 hour and LeManns was just over 2 hours.

A lot of how long it takes depends on your settings. If you play with cosmetic damage and rewind on you will be able to do these quicker than if you have to pit for fuel or if you have to pit multiple times for damage. Also, your difficulty will play into it somewhat as well.

For example, I did Daytona twice. First time I did it on Pro, sim damage, no rewinds and I ended up coming in 3rd and it took about 2 hours and 40 minutes. I did it a second time on Expert with cosmetic damage and it only took about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Daytona and Sebring are definitely the longest ones and I would say Sebring is the toughest. Sebring had me on edge every lap, my hands were cramped up so bad I didn’t play for a day after that race. I need to do that one again too because I couldn’t win on Pro. Not looking forward to it.

Nurburgring 125 took me 1 hour and 8 mimutes.
The 100 mile ones are less, about 55 mins to 1 hr

How do you tell when you need fuel in the endurances? I’ve never run them in Forza before.


I’m leaving the longer ones till last… im gonna regret it

No. Do Sebring ASAP. Once you make your way though that nightmare everything else will seem like a drive in the park. Wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t in the rain, but there are two puddles that will make you glad you never drive it again.

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Sebring has the worst puddle in the game…it even takes the AI out.


For people about to take on Sebring for the first time, I also highly recommend getting Audi or Peugot affinity up to 25 so you can get the huge 50% bonus for credits, and the 12% grip bonus which makes the track about 12% more bearable.