How is your Forza 7 4K experience?

Do the visuals look the way you were hoping?

5K here, smooth as, jaggie free life.

You should be doing more than 5K with a 1080.

Well, if my vive wasnt sitting to the side being ignored by Forza…

What more could a Kenshiro hope for?

I have no idea what this meant. I googled. Im now more confused than ever. Thanks :smiley:


This? LOL.

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Couldn’t be more happier. The increase of texture resolution makes the cars look like in game logos. Especially carbon fiber WOW.

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I’ve only ever played Forza 7 in 4k, since day one. Don’t know any different. :joy:

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with hdr too?

HDR 4k monitor is a bit beyond my current budget.

Better than I expected, I love how cars in the distance appear clear even from far away. Very nice looking environments and reflections, everything just looks so crisp and clear I love it

I was hoping to experience it today, but apparently pre ordering from Microsoft in August didn’t get me launch day delivery… finally got a tracking number today, ups next day air saver, whatever that is. I’d chatted with support earlier this morning since it still showed pre ordered, they said it would arrive today, fed ex…

Maybe tomorrow?

It’s truly awesome I am extremely happy that I pulled the trigger. Now if they clean up some bugs, and add more championships I will be set for awhile.

The impression I got was that it is very slightly enhanced compared with the standard XBO experience. The textures are a little sharper but not enough to make a big deal about. If you’re sitting on the fence wondering whether or not to spend quite a lot on a 4K TV and an X1X then it boils down to the question of how much you’ve got to waste on something like this.

I’m old and retired and I’ve managed to save a bit over the years so it’s not a big deal for me to blow a little on the new technology just to see what it’s like. But if you’re young and money’s a little short for you then you can rest assured that you really don’t need a 4K TV and an X1X to enjoy Forza 7, or any other game for that matter, because an XBO and a 1080p TV are just as good in my opinion.


What a wise old man. I am going blind so it difficult to make choices like this. I just go for my 40in monitor now and each year go up a few sizes until I get to the wall projector then perhaps start looking for an old run down cinema complex…

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Agreed! It dose look better but it will be up to you to figure out if its $500 + the cost of a new TV better…

Hdr 4k tv is what it is. People arent buying those for the xbox. They are buying them because thats what the future of video is. 4k hdr netflix etc. So its not buying a new tv for the xbox. I dont think you need to give tips on how a young person should spend their money. I think anybody knows the obvious statement you made. A 4k tv costs the same as a 1080p these days. I recently got a sony 65 hdr 4k smart/chromcast etc for $1200…They can be had for much much less then that in smaller sizes. If your buying a new xbox for just forza then that would be stupid. People are buying the new xbox for the whole package not just forza.

What a load of crock. My 1080p 40 inch was less than £200. That’s a far cry from from the £500 odd for a 4k one in the same size.

Actually, Forza is the only reason I have ever had for buying any Xbox. Oh, I have played other games over the years, but I would have never felt the need to buy a console otherwise.

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actually I have read in these forums many times people stating ‘they bought a xboxone just for forza’. if thats true ore not is another thing. but they have used this as an excuse to why they should have what they want in FM… lol