How is my drivatar doing?

Is there a way to see how my drivatar is doing? I am really curious to see how bad or how good it is racing in others races.

I’m a good driver, not bad in karting. But I am not a very good video gamer :wink: I do all I can to race clean, but sometimes I am not proud of what I do… Please don’t get mad at me!

At first you receive a daily message with the CR your Drivatar ‘earned’ for you in races against the people on your friendlist or any random people.

But …

Your driving ‘skill’ has ZERO effect how good or how bad your Drivatar really is.

Basically it depends all on the difficulty setting used by the player racing against your and all the other Drivatars.

When the player selected a very low difficulty your Drivatar will never win any race, no matter how good you and your Drivatar are. Your Drivatar just uses your driving line, etc.

Same with the payouts mentioned above. You see how much CR you received and how many races your drivatar did. Even if your drivatar did a lots of races your payouts will still be quite low if a low difficulty was used.

Here is the full interview. It’s about FM5 but it’s the same in FM6.

And if you still want to ‘see’ your Drivatar just start an offline race with the account of one of your friends and watch the replay.

Yea you can…oh wait…it only display your stats and various metrics that mean absolutely nothing to the user.

Go to the tab on the main menu that is right before the Porsche tab. I believe this is where the drivatar “stats” are located.

Basically the stats show your inputs at all tracks. These metrics I believe are used by T10 to determine how well your drivatar will perform. The stats however show absolutely nothing about what your drivatar has done.

In other words, you can’t track the progress of your drivatar. You just have to believe that your better driving will somehow result in better drivatar performance.

Just create another account , add yourself as a friend and you will race against your drivatar. Easy!

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