How I resolved my FH4 crash at start problems!

When I bought the game I’ve installed a Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition, which in it’s turn installed all necessary additions. And this was a mistake!

So if you installed your game by pressing Install button on Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition and are not able to launch the game, try following:

  • Go to Forza Horizon 4 Properties
  • Uninstall all additional content
  • Uninstall the game itself
  • Go to MS Store
  • Press . . . button and select My library
  • Find Forza Horizon 4 and press install, DO NOT: press install on Ultimate Edition, just a regular one!
  • Once the game finishes downloading, try it out. Now it should work.
  • If it works, install all additional content one by one. If not, run wsreset.exe as admin. And redo all of these steps again.

Hope it’ll help others

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Didn’t fix it for me.

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Did this last night. Installed everything fine. Launch the game, crash, go to my library and somehow Car Pass and Ultimate Edition show “Install” when they installed already. Install again and it shows Error or simply does nothing.

Nice try though. Hope it works for some.

You shouldn’t click Ultimate Edition at all, it’s a bundle and it fails to install correctly in some cases. That’s why one should install all contents manually. One of the other packages is also bundle of a 2 smaller once.

See, that’s the thing. I even tried installing everything manually in different order and it still fails to launch.