How has gran turismo overtook forza in visual tuning?

I recently watched a YouTube video on the new GT game and let’s just say it makes forza look tame in the way of visual mods.

I think pgg’s needs to sort there priorities out as it’s a car game not a dress your “they” character in a dress.

They spent more time on character clothing and prosthetics when they should have been concentrating on car mods like making aero for all cars not just forza aero.

It’s a shame because the visual mods is what made me switch from GT to forza.

If GT make a street game forza’s done.


GT5 was my favorite racing game ever. I will be buying GT7. I might even buy a PS5 just for GT7.


Lets see what T10 delivers with motorsport… and compare with GT


If previous titles(including FH5) is to be considered then there will be no comparison.
I predict in march 2022 most of the casuals will shift to GT. Once they see how good the campaign will be they will never return here. FH5 will be left with upset core players.
I wanted to buy a PS5 last year but the price is awful. Double of the normal. So will try snipe one when GT appears.

Because IMO Kaz made a mistake going into the PS3 era with all those “standard” cars. PS4 era was all about rebuild mode for GT. Remake the very foundations of the game, then start adding your high quality content. Some of the stuff from GT7 was already present in GT6 and they brought it back because they knew it’d hit Forza where it hurts.

Forza during the Xbox One era did exactly the same mistake as GT. Stuff the game full of content without regard for quality. As a result, the franchise today is carried by Forza Horizon players, who are a majority of casuals who aren’t interested in finer details. Nobody cares about Forza Motorsport anymore (a pity IMO).

That’s why GT7 is set for a strong start. I know Turn 10 has been working on many things PD also did, but we know so little of the future of Forza that, by the time the next Forza Motorsport does arrive, it could be ignored by most.

I know Playground will take advantage of these improvements, as they always have, but my issues with Forza Horizon are completely unrelated to gameplay. It simply sucks as a service, which is why I’m reluctant to play it.


Go play Gran Turismo then if its better, lol

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I’ve found even GT Sport to be better.

GTA5 60fps will be available on XSX come March 15th. Maybe I’ll get my car fix from that game I’d they don’t improve FH5 before then.

If GTA Online can hold 60 fps.
Also 60 fps will break some top speed values. The 811 will be a rocket.
There was hope R* would apply the Formula car handling flags on all cars finally ending kerb-boosting, brake-boosting and shortshifting. Unfortunately it’s not looking like it and racing in GTA stays this meta-mechanics driven experience where wrecking your suspension geometry on purpose results in WR pace.
Hated it.

You can play both, it’s not one or the other.


Is there really that big a question? Forza Horizon or Motorsport could be played on XBox or PC. Gran Tourismo 7 only on a PS5. Maybe it would become later accessable via Steam for PC as some of the other former Playstation exclusives but who knows?

Are there really some guys and girls so crazy to buy a PS5 and of course paying a monthly fee for online access to Sony only for one game?

If the game is good enough, I’d buy the console for that one game, yes. I’m going to see what the reviews and gameplay videos are like before deciding…and assuming I can get a PS5 for a reasonable price

I would get one soon. The scalp price is only going to go up in March once the game is released. I got mine for 50 dollars over MSRP.

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What does it matter if a game is only available on console vs console and PC? The PS5 is out selling the Xbox and the PC (one good enough to play a AAA game) is a niche market. Since it’s mostly immature little children that play Horizon, GT7 won’t have on effect most of those players. T10 will lose a majority of their Motorsport players to GT7.

The old Nintendo outsold both the PS5 and XSX since both were launched. Based on your logic is everyone going to ditch both Xbox and Playstation platforms and go play Mario Kart?

Ok, your reply is just moronic. Based off of your logic, the PS2 is the highest selling console ever. Does that mean every body is going to play GT3? I’m referencing current systems and 2 games that compete against each other…

Why not? Hard to get one… u can sell the thing for more.
If GT is in same state i don’t care listing is 30minutes max on ebay

“Crazy guy” here. I’ll test GT7 on a friends’ PS5 and if I really like the game and see myself playing it regurlarly I’ll get a PS5 + GT7.


Most will probably get mummy or daddy to buy it for them and pay the online access, so it won’t bother them. Lol

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I think you have it the other way around. Since it’s mostly kids that play Horizon, “Mummy” and daddy are paying for their Game Pass subscription…