How good the stock tuning parts are

I was building an a4 for a cross country event and when i got in the top 20 i decided to start tuning it. Then i realised i’d put no race tuning parts in.Made me think if the stock parts are so well tuned maybe leaving some out for the p.i. wouldd be good in some instances.

It really depends on the car… whether it starts off with a decent power/weight ratio, etc…

Definitely depends on the car. Which a4 - they’re all S and RS models in the game. I’d also like to say that they are all great cars to begin with, but I’m partial to the Audi’s. That said I do know they tend to have a tendency to understeer at speeds - even speeds you may achieve on your local back roads - so if you can overcome that without tuning parts you can use other parts well and have a great car.

The race tuning parts that are most necessary don’t rarely add much pi. Between the three of them, race brakes, and race arbs typically add 3 pi tops. Springs may be a couple points by themselves as well. The race differential adds no weigh and no PI increase so it’s a must have on any car.
The front aero adds PI points on most cars, but if you use rear aero this tends to cancel out and even lower the PI more than it was before adding any aero. This may come with top speed penalties, but you don’t often need to be going well into the two hundreds while racing anyways. On some cars, I don’t add rear aero and take the PI hit for the front aero. Typically it’s on lower class cars, but almost always is on cars I drive in SOLO and don’t do rivals in. This is primarily due to a visual aesthetic and nothing to do with racing. The AI are easy to beat, and unless racing with friends, it’s not an issue in your average lobby either. If I am trying to make a car to seriously compete in a class or will be racing with my friends list I do tend to put on rear aero as well.
The race transmission is the single adjustable upgrade that adds significant PI to the car and doesn’t have an option to balance itself out. Sometimes it costs a lot of PI and sometimes it costs nothing. It depends on the car, the stock parts, and any drivetrain upgrades you may or may not have. Luckily, unless the car has a poor transmission to begin with or you’re going for an upper class build, it’s also one of the upgrades that is least necessary.

Again, all of this depends on the car you chose to begin with. A BMW M3 is pretty well set up and will require different upgrades than a Land Rover Defender to achieve similar results.

It was an s4 ,i decided to add race tuning parts and got a better time.i’m interested in what your saying about the rear wing so far i’ve been going no aero.Yea i’m loving the audis too,