How good is drag racing in forza 5?

I dont have xbox one at all … Yet but im curious on what drag racing pure stock muscle cars in this game is like compared to forza 4. Do cars launch off the line? Do they hit at least realistic 1/4 mile times to there real counterparts. Im a classic muscle car fan so im interested in know what drag racing is like now. I remeber before in forza 4 i would only get low 15 to mid 14 second 1/4 mile times for old muscle cars! Which is all wrong and it was hard to get traction. Whats the scoop on drag racing now? :slight_smile:

Yeah man, its really fun. Im a muscle guy myself and it really is good. Cars in the quarter are hitting like easy 9’s, and 8’s. I actually have a launch vid I uploaded today. Not sure if I’m allowe to share one of my vids or not., but thats a good example.

Was that a stock car?

It’s great except don’t plan on having much fun with a friend on split screen.

How good is drag racing in forza 5. In my opinion it’s not very good at all. It’s full of bugs. Cars spawn on top of each other when a race starts. Your 8 sec run will say that you did not finish the race (DNF) even though you clearly did.

The timers already running before you even launch in tune car mode. There’s not even a simple 3 2 1 go!

You can pick from 2 hoppers online. Unlimited Awd and unlimited Rwd cars. Basically most people run the fastest car every time just to get gold medals. I always see the same cars in every hopper there’s no variety or car classes.


It’s fun challenging yourself to make car’s fast as possible, and LB’s can be fun, but far as the online hoppers are concerned, they’re garbage. But when you get it right, and everything falls together, it looks a little something like this and you’ll feel like a boss.

I Saw Your Video And I Am Impress :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Can I Add You As A Friend? ATX LincoLn If You Want To Add Me

Sweet. I wish to have though results on what muscle cars do pure stock. Im one of those types of people who like to run factory muscle cars :stuck_out_tongue:

not very good. no burnout box, no staging beams, no reaction time off the tree.


This. It’s terrible. I’m pretty sure no one at T10 has ever seen a real drag strip let alone actually raced at one.

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They could add more realism but i think it would get too complicated so overall I like it.

I think staging would be annoying to line up with accuracy. Burnouts would be cool but then you’ve either got to reload the track (and keep the tire heat somehow) or get everyone to back up.

Ill try out some stock cars after I get off work tonight. Stock tires as well or drag tires? Pick two or three cars and ill see what I get for times.

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Ahah that would be great thanks :slight_smile: can you compare the following cars for me? I want to know what the 1969 gto judge, 1969 olds 442, 1970 chevelle and the challenger hemi :slight_smile: but pretty much im keen on almost every muscle car in games factory pure stock times :stuck_out_tongue: im those types that love racing factory cars and seeing example like a cougar 428CJ eliminator vs a BOSS302 mustang or 1969 trans am 400 :slight_smile:

Without the ability to DQ on the lights drag racing is completely worthless.


I got a 67’ corvette c2 to do a 14.001 with drag tires. Seems about right to me.

I posted a couple times over on your other thread as well. But I ran a couple passes in the 69 camaro ss 396 (stock everything, no tuning) ran a 14.017. 69 nova Ss 396 13.733 (@106) I think. Both full throttle.

I like the drag racing but I think it should yield more xp, and there should be class drag races. They should make the wait time in between heats faster and speed up the rest. I wish they would add funny cars.

I own an '87 grand national that’s essentially stock running 19psi boost, with alky injection post intercooler. The car’s best run at island dragway in hacketstown, nj is 12.87 on drag radials. I estimate approx 380 crank HP. Set up a GNX in forza 5 with 390hp + drag tires and managed a 12.9. Realistic enough for me.

Nope drag is garbage on here online hoppers suck ,everybody runs the same 5 cars ,there’s no restrictions at all so hopper lobby’s are no fun .street racing is the only way to regulate anything, but there’s no user created lobby’s ,so u can only run with ur friends . because there’s no way to meet anybody new in your style of racing drag sucks. So until they fix these problems ,wich I don’t think they even care about at this point, don’t waist your money. and also there’s barely any muscle on this game ,there’s only like a little over 200 cars total on this game wich without these things on here the replay value is low for drag racers what I say is true take it or leave it sorry for being so blunt