How far on automatic?

I am pretty new to FH3 and haven’t played a racing game since Gran Turismo 2. Since getting the game, I have been working on my circuit racing. I am getting my braking, cornering and acceleration timings down and I believe I am doing fairly well for a 2 week vet. I have moved drivatar diff to third from hardest and disabled all but one of the assists. My limitation is the transmission. Maybe it’s just a matter of age, but my brain just doesn’t think “Thumb Press” when it comes to shifting gears. I have been tweaking the tunings of my cars to make up some for this handicap and for some cars this means perpetually coming in no better than third. So I am curious as to just how far I can expect to take the game’s difficulty before the automatic transmission simply will not be able to keep up or I will have to break down and get a wheel and pedals controller?

I too have a very stupid right thumb. It does come with age. You can go as far as you want with Automatic. I have many top 25 times in the world on Rivals in all classes. One of my club mates has had the nr. 1 time on several courses and we both drive automatics. When I do a race, which is rare, I race with the drivatars on unbeatable and I always win, maybe come in 2nd once or twice, but rarely does that happen. What matters most is you setup. Get a good setup, practice the courses so you know the line you need to drive, and practice, practice, practice.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Yeah. I am working on my builds and skills. Maybe I am “over-thinking” things, but I am trying to build certain cars for certain brackets. I have the freebie 350 Mustang from the beginning built and tuned so that I can pretty much dominate the tracks against drivatars, but this got sooo boring. And I know I could try online races, but until I know I am not going to be pushing people off the tracks, I am avoiding those. So I am building my other cars to be competitive within their brackets. For me personally, if I look in the rearview and go, “Huh, where’s the competition?” then what is the point? I would rather fight for my positions and come in second or third than lead the pack by several seconds.

But thanks for the answer about the automatic. It’s good to know that being a “lame old guy” won’t hinder me too much.

When im using controller i have one of the ones with the paddles in the back of the controller, i use those to shift sometimes and i think there might be a control set with the bumpers as shifters. Using manual or manual with clutch allows better acceleration because it will shift faster and the auto short shifts each gear so you don’t get to make full use of a given cars power band. But after getting up to speed it won’t affect handling much so you can still get decent lap times. My solution was to buy a wheel with a clutch pedal and an actual shifter lol.