How does voice chat work?

Hey guys - loving this game so far, but none of my friends or myself are able to figure out how voice chat works in this game? We have mics and have made sure that microphones are turned on in game and through the privacy panel (playing on PC), but we have to hear a single person or see any indication that we’re speaking through the UI.
This hasn’t been an issue with FH3 or FM7 so it’s a bit odd.

But yeah, any help or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

Hi UziProphet, some of us are having issues with micrphone too, there is a thread about this:

I hope we could find a fix.

I’m in the same situation.
Is it a bug for all PC and Xbox in FH4?
Someone who knows how to solve this problem?
Thank you!

I’ve found nothing but other people with the same problem. Playing on PC, no voice chat. I submitted a ticket, haven’t heard anything back yet.

Hey Im on PC and is the Voice chat been fixed In FH4 yet or no Fh3 works fine