How does rank work?

hi, I don’t understand how rank points work. I won some ranked team adventure but I still have 0 points, so how do I earn rank points?

As I understand it, when it says that you are “20/0”, you are likely to actually be in negative points. Consequently, if you win a couple of events you are probably getting positive points and getting closer to zero but you won’t obviously be able to see it. It will only be once you have a positive score that you will start to see the movement.

I’m not sure if there is a way to see how negative your score is though. I have a feeling that there is a way to do so but I’ve never had to look for it. Someone else might be able to help out on that.

Also worth noting that the updates this week indicated that they should be correcting this system - maybe in next months update - so that no one has a negative rating. That will definitely be a good improvement!

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