How does Horizon 4 drive by comparison to Motorsport 7

Hopefully a straightforward question. It’s been many a year since I last played any car games, so starting again on a console is a bold move.

I bought Motorsport 7 and for the few times I’ve played it, I can complete the races, and even keep the car on the black stuff (most of the time).

However, because of a problem I had with the console, I downloaded the Horizon 4 demo to see if it caused the same issues (it did). The problem however, was that I found it near impossible to keep the car on the road, with the slightest left or right movement flinging me off into the bushes. Prior to that, I was thinking of buying Horizon 4 as well, as it offered more ‘real world’ style driving on open roads, but am put off.

Does anyone have both games, and can they give me any advice on this? Almost forgot to add that I’m running these on the Xbox One X with the standard controller.