How does FH4 count flying overtakes?

don’t know how this daily forzathon is called in english, maybe air overtake or flying overtake (Flugmanöver in german) (can’t switch FH4 to english in an easy way on PC)

The german text say I have to combine jump and overtake.
So, I did a race in the quarry, because there are two jumps, set the AI to easy, driving behind the AI waiting for the jump, accelerate before the jump and overtook other cars while in the air. I had to start 7 races and I did this jump-overtake 10 times or so, but it only counted two times. Thats the reason why I had to start 7 races for this until I got it.

Something with this counting is weird, or I didn’t understood what to do at this daily Forzathon.

I have found it beneficial to use the rewind feature to help whenever it is necessary to do this skill stunt. The stunt involves passing an opponent immediately after a jump. In the past I have had decent success with this stunt doing a race at the quarry.

I had no problem with this one, I got it while doing the 5 X-Country events in the weekly Forzathon challenge. Not sure how the Airborne Pass works though, I think you just have to fly past another racer before you land? You have to do the races to get the weekly out of the way and if you can’t get 2 Airborne Passes in 5 races you’re doing something wrong…

The way I do it is to have easy opponents, drop towards the end of the pack and immediately prior to a jump race up to the car in front of me and overtake it whilst we are both in the air.

It may not be relevant but sometimes skills done in very quick succession with no other different skill messages popping up only count once.

Many people like to use Mudkickers’ 4x4 Scramble or Mountain Foot Cross Country for the Airborne Pass Skills but I prefer the Castle Cross Country Circuit near Bamburgh Castle.

Castle cross country circuit by the east side beach also has good player-made routes such as:

Forzathon by PARKINSON26 (1.6 miles) or Rerto Rally by DJPAP25 (3 laps)

It takes you over the bumps on the beach, very easy to airborne pass. Can also be done on the straights if the terrain is uneven.

^^ this

a couple of good jumps in there and you just need to be passing an opponent while you do it - the big jump to the castle I was leaping right over the AIs
do this circuit a couple of times you should definitely ace those airborne passes

The Air skill and the Pass skill have to be counted close together. And if I recall correctly Air skills don’t count until you land, so if you pass early during a big jump the Pass skill won’t be close enough to the Air skill to count together.

I had to learn how to do this with FH3, and so far, FH4 works the same way. Passing IN the air doesn’t seem to count half the time, so I jump side by side with another car, but slightly behind them. Once you land, THEN pass as soon as possible. And yes, rewind is your friend. I usually do this on the Castle Cross Country circuit, but make your own blueprint with about 10 laps. I have an A class Holden Torana built to rally specs that I use for this, and the jump to use is the big ramp leading to the castle outer courtyard (north side).

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Easiest way to do this is quick accelerating mudder vehicle in 4x4 park. Just turn down difficulty and follow behind the cars, then you can gun it and pass them on the jumps.

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