How do you use a headset while using a steering wheel?

I have a standard Xbox One console (not Xbox One S), and I have a Logitech DF920 steering wheel set-up connected to it. Unfortunately, I don’t think that steering wheel has any microphone inputs inside, so I wouldn’t be able to voice chat. Is there a good way to actually have a headset and steering wheel at the same time? I was thinking maybe a Bluetooth headset, but…

You have to use a controller at the same time which you then plug your headset in to.

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I have a pair of Turtle Beach 800X headphones - uses a USB port, but no controller required.

Where does the USB port go to, though? The Xbox One only has one USB port and the steering wheel has to be attached to it.

There’s one on the side and two on the back. To be clear the headphones are wireless, but the base station connects to the Xbox by USB and optical audio.

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But I’m using the headset that connects to my controller…

I have my controller plugged in to a play and charge with my headset plugged in to it. After getting it set up, plug in the wheel. Make sure you use the wheel to start the game, you should then be able to switch between controllers for photo mode or livery editor, etc. You need the controller plugged in, otherwise it will turn off after a few minutes and you’ll lose your headset.