How do you unlock barn finds? FH3

So im in the level 70s, 700+ miles driven, 4/4 outposts (2 lvl 5s, 1 lvl 3, 1 lvl 2), all bonus boards, 8+mil fans, 4/5 show cases, 488 roads, all beauty spots, all speed traps 3 star, all danger signs 2-3 stars, 14/30 bucket list, 60+ cars, 3 blueprints created, 4 championships won, 1 midnight head to head won, 50/75 skills unlocked, 13% overall completion, and still no barn finds… contacted xbox live support, they dont know whats going on… one said barn finds are DLC… ive been playing since it came out and its still locked, and no one will give me a straight answer as far as to how to fix this… any help would be GREATLY appriciated. Currently reinstalling the game and DLCs to see if that helps, but i doubt it. Thank you in advance for any help.

Sounds like you have a bug. Barn finds generally just happen for me, maybe it’s XP based I don’t know, but I’m level 50 and have all barn finds done now. As far as I’m aware they are not DLC related but I have ultimate edition so I could not prove that. Your best bet would be to try the game support, xbox live support don’t have anything to do with the game so they wouldn’t be able to help you.

I have a theory, it has to do with how you play.

I like to cruise around: I spend a LOT of time under 100 mph, lazily enjoying the scenery whilst listening to music & podcasts.

The game wouldn’t stop throwing barn finds at me until I had all of them. Sometimes Warren would call me with a new one before I’d even found the one previous. I had 2/3 before I’d even unlocked all 4 festival sites.

A few of my friends also like casual cruising, and they had the same experience. Try going for a leisurely drive, see what happens.

Just like what B Wald said try just exploring the map. Personally i had all barn finds found before i opened up my 3rd festival. I think it had something to do with my goal of discovering/driving every road. Just like him i was having barn finds thrown at me like crazy.

I love to cruise around I mostly spend my time over 100mph I have two forza festivals but I still haven’t unlocked barn finds I have gone on every single road more than 100 miles but help I still haven’t gotten barn find HELP!

i have all sites to level 5 and i still have 2 barn finds locked

Yeh probably the 2 that were only available during forzathons

Same here

Would be the 2 that are in this weeks forzathon

My theory is that it isn’t any one thing, but a number of factors. My first go at the game I pretty much fumbled my way around and got somewhat regular barn find calls. After restarting my campaign, I wanted to bee-line for the Ford Falcon XB by using the suggestions above. I ran the first few introductory races and then just cruised the map. It took a while for the first call to come through because, I think, I had not gone through ALL the introductory stuff. I think the first one came through after I did my second Drivatar hire, but I am not sure. I continued to cruise the map and discovering roads and calls came in SLOWLY. Then I was using a combination of the Yarra Valley Circuit (the one just east of the Festival location) and the airfield to tune a couple of cars and I ended up getting three calls in fairly rapid succession. I was actually heading to the second (with the first still on the map) when the call for the third came through and I heard the radio DJ talk about a guy who mentioned the “End of the world” and wandered off with his dog. Finally my car was available.

Then I was watching my son play in the Hot Wheels area (an area that gave me headaches the first time, so I was avoiding it). He hadn’t been playing too long before he got the call for the Antique Ford. When I next played, I went to the HW area, did the introductory race and one other and then started cruising the map. I probably had it 60-70% explored when I stopped and started running a couple of the races and doing the Bucket Lists when I finally got the call. In the end it took me about twice as long to get the call than it did for my son. The difference between us is that he was doing a combination of racing and exploring while I tried to simply use exploring.

This happened to me as well (level 120 or so before my first barn find triggered). I believe had to go back to Surfers Paradise (my 2nd festival site) and run one of the race events to get them working. I believe it was the introduction to custom race blue prints that triggered mine to work. Kierra will introduce you to the feature and once completed Warren will start shortly after with the barn finds.

The forzathon for these two barn finds are still live I think.