How do you test drive a car in this game?

need help figuring out how to test drive my cars in FM7

any help would be appreciated

There should be a feature in Free Play where you can rent a car.

Best way to do test drive is the following, especially if you like upgrading / tuning:

  1. Select / buy the car you want to test drive
  2. Go to Free Play and select Test Drive
  3. Click “Begin Race”. This will tell the game to start loading the track
  4. Do upgrades / tuning in the menus while the track loads in the background

By the time you finish your upgrades and starting tune, the track should be loaded! When you back out of the tuning menu, the game should switch to the track and you’re ready to go!

You can also go into Free Play, and choose Test Drive as a race type.

There’s an option to launch a test drive from the tuning page, but that will basically put you in the same test drive mode, but with AI cars. And those other drivers are worse jerks than the regular AI. So better off just loading a test drive from Free Play.

By the way, the Test Drive feature won’t unlock until the track is loaded in Free Play

To test drive cars you already own, go to Free Play, choose your location and specific track, then for race type, select test drive. Alternatively, select any race type you wish, and enter a test drive (with tuning on-track) pre-race. When you’re done, you can play the race, or go back to the main menu.