How do you stop cars going from side to side at top speeds

The subject is very self-explanatory, if someone could tell me what I need to do to fix cars going from side to side I would be very grateful.
I use auto upgrade to keep cars in the same class, but this happens with quite a lot of the cars for example the 64 Impala and a 2016 ATSV.
Also, could someone please tell me if there is a way to make cars reach top speeds without messing with the gears?
Sometimes when certain cars I drive reach the last or second to last gear I can’t go faster, and sometimes the deceleration is so great that the car drops to the previous gear.
I say that I don’t want to mess with gears because I don’t want to decrease the overall top speed of the car because that would defeat the object of optimising it in the first place.
Many thanks

There is simulated steering, and Normal steering, so you could try switching those around. There’s also a delay on TV’s that can cause it, so you put the TV in Game Mode.

Auto Upgrade is rubbish as well. Better off downloading user tunes somehow.

The gear changes aren’t changing well for me either.

Sounds like either a tune issue or wrong car for the job issue.

Unless you know how to tune cars I highly recommend just using the most popular tunes created by other players. They will in most cases be the optimal tune.

However the best tune won’t always be enough to prevent sliding if your driving less common / unique cars.

Do you have assisted driving on?

Early in the game, I accidentally left it on (or it changed on me) and it was driving me nuts with how the car would sway.

Found assisted driving was on and turned it off.

Ask support if they know what happens in your game

send link to the video from last time.
Was never able to reproduce the strange right/left wiggle (oscillation) or the 250 speedlimit

Is your screenreader able to read/say the weight of the car displayed in upgrade menu?
If so i can code some little tool for you wich gives u “right” numbers for gears

Often, if you do it right, messing with the gears will increase the overall top speed.

Adding a tiny bit of Toe In (.1-.2) can help with high speed stability, but it also makes the car understeer a bit more.

This sounds like exactly the behavior that Assisted Steering exhibits at high speeds…

Yup that oscillation is there, couldn’t get it in that Audi from first vid, but Cadillac ATS-V can do it.
Since I’m on keyboard, I just held down W, never touching anything else (except turning the car around), there is also throttle percentage decrease during the run.

On first run that I didn’t record, it already started oscillating on first highway straight.

So yes, there is a problem with auto steer, especially with game tuned cars.
Need to test it with my tuning.

Turning telemetry on disables mouse cursor, until game restart, yay.

Oscillation is there with my tune too, just that it doesn’t crash out, but its getting drift skills … um yeah
Car is also going perfectly straight, if I have the drive.

Ok, can reproduce too with the autoupgrade and line. Not sure why it puts these offroad tires on seems it autotunes the car for crosscountry.
My stock Jesko is doing same now. You can see it only in cabinview the steeringwheel is doing same oscillation but car seems driving straight and there is no slowdown. Showed new pb on the speedtrap

So yeah thats multiple “bugs” but we need Max to report these or it never gets fixed.

-The line (spline?) needs some smoothing or autosteer is to “slow” and produces the oscillation
-The line+oscillation/whatever slows the car down to keep it “stable” so it is impossible to reach maxspeeed in some cars
-Autoupgrade should show what it prefers (cc, street, dirt) or show multiple options (A Street, A CrossCountry, …). Streetrace with these offroad tires makes no sense
-Upgrademenu should have full accessibility support or atleast some button wich tts the full stats

But maybe it produces to powerfull autosteer. I don’t care in rivals it shows assists in leaderboards but in online some other ppl will cry when ppl show up in boneshaker+autosteer :smiley:

Hi all, thanks for your replies.
To answer some of your questions, yes I am using auto assists, or be it with traction and stability control off because I don’t need them as I help control the car myself when necessary.
I did turn them on to see what happens, but it only reduce the swaying by a little bit at the cost of automatically slowing me down by a large amount.
@El Barto inc you mentioned about throttle decreases, I did make another topic querying this, but because there wasn’t an obvious problem I just resorted to believing that it was the cars I was using just not having enough power, but it doesn’t seem to be the case if you’ve noticed it as well regarding problems with the auto steering.
@PinkiePie4997 Unfortunately the narration doesn’t read the car stats out, there are many things in fact that aren’t read out because it just says this menu is not narrated as soon as you go on the custom upgrade menu.
I have made another video of me driving the ATSV, I’ve also tried to press L to toggle the stats at the car select screen to see what it did but it wasn’t read out.
I would also like to ask everyone reading/replying to this post if they would send feedback to ‎<, from what I’ve gathered it’s an accessibility feedback email, I’ve emailed them with issues about the steering and traffic but although they’ve replied, the issues aren’t on the list of bugs to be fixed on the website.
Perhaps if everyone here who is aware of the steering situation chimes in and makes it known to T10 that these issues need to be fixed ASAP, they might add it to the list and prioritise the issues.
These issues include the top speed decreases with assists on, the fact that auto steer doesn’t dodge traffic and that the narration doesn’t read certain menus out like upgrades and car stats.
If you can think of any more, put it in your email to T10 because for some including myself these current bugs are game breakers.
You can also attach this video to your email if you want, they may not have the time to look at it but there’s no harm in trying.
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I nearly ragequit the other day because I kept having to change the difficulty of street races to novice because the assists wouldn’t dodge the traffic and drivatars, and I really don’t know why but in solo freerome even if you’re crawling in first gear it still doesn’t dodge.
OK rant over :d

Just upgraded a new merc SLK with auto upgrade, it’s doing the same as the ATSV and this is seriously annoying me now because it’s either that and suffer from swaying, or risk custom upgrading when I don’t know what I’m doing because it doesn’t read it out.

Steering assist simply follows the race line, traffic or not, I guess.

First thing to try is to go into your Difficulty Menu and set Steering Assist to “Simulation”

OP nick is a hint - they are blind and unassisted steering won’t do.

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@El Barto inc feel free to send t10 an email to that address I shared, as you say the issues need to be fixed and you can copy some of the facts you’ve discovered about auto steering and the auto upgrades in the email to convey the message.
Since auto upgrade hinders more than helps for now, and because I can’t even use my own track without cars suffering from the auto steering, I can’t play the game till T10 bring out an update to fix the bugs, which will probably take a long time to sort out but I don’t care so long as it’s fixed ASAP.
Surely if the racing line is going straight then auto steer shouldn’t have a reason to swing left and right, it’s different if the person deliberately oscillated/steered the car left and right when making the track, but it was made/test driven lots of times and I’m convinced that it goes straight down the highway with the exception of slight turns here and there but nothing that should throw the auto steer off but maybe I’m wrong…

This problem exists with a few Cars in Forza Motorsport too. One example is the VW Beetle.

The solution that worked there was to raise the rear ride height until the swaying disappeared, or became manageable. This should work in FH games too, since the physics model is very similar.

Let us know if this helps.

Are you talking about the issue with some of the FM games where the front end starts swaying and lifts up when turning at high speeds? Only happens to cars with mid or rear engines. I can dial in the issue with some tuning though.

No, I’m talking about cars that are unable to be driven in a straight line on straights, requiring continuous correction.

I couldn’t watch that entire video…there is clearly something very wrong with that game setting…it was driving perfectly straight till it got to 155mph and then just started it! Can’t even blame a driving line or anything for that…I have never seen the AI do anything like that in the game either

No, the AI doesn’t, the AI is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes, it’s just the auto steer that has problems and severely hinders the driving.
I can’t even do most if not all championships where the difficulty is set above average, I can’t say why other than the way the assists handle the car, it’s like comparing tourist and highly skilled, where the assists are at tourist level.
I’ve just set my ride Hight settings, it didn’t change anything, I tried it with my merc and set both front and rear to 13.1, no joy, the car keeps swaying left and right, and the steering still doesn’t avoid traffic and drivatars.