How do you make small movements when moving a vinyl shape?

Trying to move a vinyl shape just .1 on the x or y axis is maddening!!! I do not see that you can lower the controller joystick sensitivity in this game, so I am not sure how to make this easier. Every time I try to tap the joystick, it moves it +.2 or .3 etc… It might take me 10 tries before I get lucky and land on the coordinates I’m trying for.
Does anybody have any suggestions or how to move a shape just .1?


You just use the digital Cross. That’s the smallest you can move.

Thanks for replying AquaPainter168! What’s the digital cross?


The cross shaped button on the lower left of the controller.

0.5 is the finest granularity I get on move operations.

ah, ok… Thanks guys!!! I’ll give that a try.

Sweet!!! The d-pad works great. Thanks again!!!

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