How do you look to your sides when in cockpit view?

When using a steering wheel why can’t we look to the sides to see if anyone is next to us? That is crazy that t10 wouldn’t think of having this necessary feature for wheel users. What were they thinking?

You can change the button configuration in the settings. I think setup 4 lets you look left, right, and backwards. You will still have blind spots in-between though and with that setup you lose the emergency brake unless you have a handbrake to go with the wheel. Hope that helps.

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Cool i’ll try that. Thanks.

You can use the right joystick to look across to the left/right by moving it in the desired direction.
By pushing it backwards, you can see behind you as well…

The right bumper button gives you a quick look behind as well.

But in all honesty, I’d be focussing your attention ahead and plan your approaches in and out of corners. You’ll get used to the sound of cars next to you, and many cars have the rear view active, you can set that as a setting in the game settings menus btw.

I’ve been racing via cockpit view 98% of the time since Forza 1-6 and it’s easy once you become acustom to it…

Just be patient and again, look ahead. Don’t even focus on peri feral stuff like hands on steering wheel (in game), gauges etched etc. when you’re racing, listen to the engine as yo when to change, focus on the track and cars ahead, and you’ll manage your way to the lead in no time.

The old adage of "look where you want to go, and your brain will get you there…

Steering wheels don’t have a right joystick :wink: I always found it odd that there are buttons on the wheel that serve no pupose while driving, looking left and right could have easily been put onto the d’pad left/right (then looking sideways would become unavailable if you were to open the telemtry) it sucks that you have to change the button configuration to achieve it. Forza 3 has looking to the side in the default configuration, I have no idea why they ever changed it.

Even if you have the handbrake, it’s not supported yet. Hint hint nudge nudge T10.

Good luck with that…

I think the configurations are the same as Forza 5. I think if you opt to have the look left/right option you also lose the clutch mapping, which is needed even with autoclutch. lame

Edit: Is this still the case?

Oh ok. They definitely need to add support for it. I see some drifters actually have handbrake mods for their wheels, but I don’t know if it’s any better than just hitting the button. The video on youtube didn’t actually show an in-depth look at it.

Ahh yes, sorry bout that… Yeah, you’d think a simple D-Pad confit would work fine… But even with control pad, I find looking around or back disconcerting, so I just focus ahead, use the windows as much as possible, when avail, and pray a lot lol…